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How Self Service Can Stay SMART


Read our latest contribution to Kiosk Solutions magazine where we explore how Self Service can stay SMART: With the development of new technologies and the ever increasing popularity of Smart Phones there is sometimes a misconception that self-service kiosks are becoming a thing of the past. Why, because the ever increasing ability to access personalised […]

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Touchscreen Usage in the NHS


It may seem like a very modern innovation, but touchscreens have actually been around for more than 20 years – it is simply the applications that have changed over time from the clunky information points right up to the delicate screen on your mobile phone. In this article, we focus on the applications of touchscreen […]

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Cammax to Sponsor Transport Card Forum 2016


Following last year’s success, we are delighted to announce that we will be sponsoring the Transport Card Forum Conference and Exhibition which will be held at the Queens Hotel in Leeds between 27th-28th September 2016. Transport Card Forum has been running since 1997 after being set up by Smartex on behalf of the UK Department […]

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Commuters Benefit from SYPTE’s New Ticket Service Approach thanks to Cammax


Thousands of commuters across South Yorkshire are benefiting from better ways to buy public transport tickets following a shift to smart technology at Travel Interchanges. Over 150,000 transactions have taken place at the 22 Ticket Vending Machines (TVMs) put in place by Cammax starting in July 2014 Major terminals such as Meadowhall Interchange and Sheffield […]

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The Role of Kiosks In User Feedback


Every business knows that their customers thoughts are always the most important and valuable asset to how they run. Feedback allows change and growth within a company and allows for more reliable opinion from a customer. Almost every kind of industry will now hold some kind of feedback survey through either a rated survey or […]

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Designing The Exterior Of Your Kiosk And The Importance Of Design


Kiosks are now being installed into a huge number of businesses and ranging from all different sectors. For many companies kiosks are a huge part of sales and make sure that everything runs smoothly on daily basis. Different kiosks should seamlessly fit in with their surroundings whether it be in a patient waiting room or […]

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How retail kiosks can help drive sales


As a nation we love to shop. The retail industry thrives all year long with constant fashion trends updating, the latest beauty hack or the need for an freshen up on furniture. We even dedicate whole days just to shop, travelling miles to explore a new shopping centre full of different products. It is these […]

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Why your business needs an E top up kiosk


E top up kiosks are quickly becoming an essential feature within mobile phone shops and transport stations often have a top up feature on their ticketing kiosks for anyone with travel cards. Installing an E-top up kiosk can bring a wide range of benefits to your business especially if you find yourself continuously stuck or […]

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