An inside look at Customisable Kiosks

Businesses across many industries have turned to kiosks in order to engage consumers and expand brand reach. Whilst some businesses are able to meet their specific goals with out-of-the-box solutions, many companies require a more tailored solution that is unique to their service or product.

Custom kiosk design helps businesses create a fully customized self-service solution to fit their individual usage, enabling them to implement exactly what they need for the use case rather than something that’s pretty close.

But what are the benefits of opting for a fully customised solution and how does the process work?


Once you’ve conducted some market research and decided on a preferred kiosk manufacturer, it’s time to begin consultation.

The perfect kiosk is customised to showcase your brand as well as being sophisticatedly designed to suit the needs of your customers so this first thing to do is understand what you need versus what you want.

If your business is short on space for example, you may want to consider wall-mounted options or if you have a diverse customer base you may want to consider the provision for integrating translation software.


Once you have understood the basics of what you require, it’s time to can convey that message to a design engineer who can guide you through all options and advise you on what peripherals to include. Custom kiosk design is a collaborative process that involves technical consultants and engineers combining their knowledge to develop logical and strategic solutions based on your requirements.

Designers use design thinking to create custom kiosk solutions that help businesses address their market needs. Experienced engineers can bring a breadth of kiosk design experience that helps them work to determine both functional and aesthetic requirements for each project. Once you and your supplier agree on the requirements of a solution, the engineering team creates a series of conceptual and environmental renderings for review.


Once the design has been agreed, engineers will then take the desired concept and create a fully functional design model, accounting for every screw, component, bracket and hinge required in building a fully functional custom kiosk solution.

Once everything has been agreed, the kiosks will be manufactured and tested before being ready to be deployed.


Whatever the use case, custom kiosk design allows businesses to build a solution that achieves measurable goals, creates a great experience for the end user, is secure, and is easy to maintain.

Unlike out-of-the box solutions, these machines are tailored meet the needs of your customers, which should encourage wide-spread usage and increase satisfaction. By adopting company branding, customisable kiosks fit effortlessly into your physical location and they can offer a number of operational and financial benefits in terms of reducing costs and freeing up staff to focus on other tasks.

Reputable custom kiosk manufacturers also offer lots of extra warranty, remote management and servicing packages so you can rest assured that if anything does go wrong you will have the help and support available to put things right.


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