How to encourage more customers to use your kiosks


Has your business introduced a new customer-facing technology and struggled to bring customers on board? If so, you’re not alone, as people are notoriously resistant to change and alternative ways of doing things. Let’s say that you’ve just installed some new, self-service kiosks, for example, for the purpose of reducing wait times and enhancing the […]

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The best ways to leverage self-service at airports


We live in an age of self-service, where customers are increasingly empowered to take control of their individual needs from purchasing tickets all the way through to following directions. Across the UK, more and more companies and public service providers are turning to self-service solutions including many of the nation’s biggest airports. From an operational […]

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How to maintain your outdoor kiosk this winter


Winter is upon us and as businesses across the UK adapt to the colder weather, it’s important that outdoor kiosks are given due care and attention during the colder months to ensure they remain as functional as possible. You can read all about our range of maintenance services here, and you’ll find details of what […]

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How to Avoid Kiosk Project Failures


Every year more and more businesses are turning towards kiosk solutions and reaping the benefits of reduced costs, enhanced customer service and greater operation efficiency. As new hardware and software is constantly developed, more kiosk application opportunities are opening up and the market is set to continue to grow exponentially over the next few years. […]

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3 Tips for Marketing Your Kiosk


The freedom to choose is a major part of our daily lives, no matter how you look at it. The vast array of cuisines, venues, clothes, holidays, gadgets and so on can sometimes be overwhelming and this has had a massive impact on the traditional marketing strategies we’ve been using for decades. So how can […]

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Kiosk rental tips


Finding the right kiosk for your business can sometimes prove to be a difficult task so some business owners like to opt for renting a unit to trial the technology and other companies like to hire machines for specific events. If you are considering renting a kiosk it’s a good idea to firstly establish why […]

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How to encourage customers to use self-service technology


When introducing self -service kiosks to your business you may have reservations over the likelihood of customers embracing the new technology. At first, new technology can be intimidating for some users but advice is available to help you implement self- service kiosks successfully: Attendants Having a human staff member in close proximity to the self- […]

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Top Tips for Maintaining Your Kiosk


Even with the superb advancements made in touchscreen technology; even the most rugged industrial screens require maintenance from time to time. Even though your kiosk may not succumb to any visual damage, it’s worth carrying out routine inspections to ascertain if any less superficial, more serious damage is being caused behind the display. Here at […]

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