Touchscreen Kiosk Accessibility for the Elderly


Sometimes technology can be incredibly intimidating for the older generation and, although you may not see it, it can be a steep learning curve for those who haven’t grown up with such rapid technological advancements. It’s a fact that as we age some of our sensory abilities degrade such as eyesight, hearing and even touch […]

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Kiosk Definitions and Terminology


Before you consider investing in a kiosk for your business it would be prudent to familiarise yourself with the terminology and jargon affiliated with the technology so please explore some of the most common terms in the glossary below. We’ll be adding to this list over time but if you come across a term you […]

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Positively Promoting Your Business with Kiosks


The benefits of using kiosks are clear; they prevent lengthy queues, provide vital information and carry out numerous functions that can significantly benefit your business. In most instances they are also the most cost-effective approach, a cheaper alternative to hiring costly staff members. However, there is sometimes a lack of understanding about how kiosks can […]

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Cammax’s Top Tips for Creating Digital Signage that Stands Out


  The advantages of using digital signage over fixed marketing for retail solutions are obvious in the same way a television programme is more engaging than the script it is based on – moving images catch and hold people’s attention more effectively. However, to get the best from digital signage there are some rules that need […]

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Top Tips for choosing the right Kiosk Software


Akin to any computer or similar device, kiosks require software to function but it can be a difficult decision to deduce which software is best suited for the needs of your business and your customers. You could opt for a system based on a web browser but tend to be limited and inflexible at times. […]

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The Role of Kiosks In User Feedback


Every business knows that their customers thoughts are always the most important and valuable asset to how they run. Feedback allows change and growth within a company and allows for more reliable opinion from a customer. Almost every kind of industry will now hold some kind of feedback survey through either a rated survey or […]

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Designing The Exterior Of Your Kiosk And The Importance Of Design


Kiosks are now being installed into a huge number of businesses and ranging from all different sectors. For many companies kiosks are a huge part of sales and make sure that everything runs smoothly on daily basis. Different kiosks should seamlessly fit in with their surroundings whether it be in a patient waiting room or […]

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How much time can kiosks save you at rush hour?


Throughout our working lives we are all involved in rush hour whether we are commuting on public transport or not. Especially on public transport the journey during peak times can be stressful and staff in transport stations may not have the chance to attend to such a high volume of people in the time needed. […]

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