Top Tips for choosing the right Kiosk Software

Akin to any computer or similar device, kiosks require software to function but it can be a difficult decision to deduce which software is best suited for the needs of your business and your customers. You could opt for a system based on a web browser but tend to be limited and inflexible at times. Alternatively, you could consider a bespoke self- service software platform that can handle much more than the browser software but may require programming assistance.

The best option, by far, is the true software platform and here are some key things to consider when deciding which kiosk software to use:

User Interface

No user will want to be confused by your kiosks; if it doesn’t make sense or the screens are hard to navigate then the user will lose interest and cease using your kiosk. To prevent this, ensure the interface is slick, appealing and easy to use – avoid the familiar mouse and click system as this is an unnecessary peripheral in the age of the touchscreen.

Component Integration

More complex software platforms allow for more complex tasks to be carried out such as bill payment, printing on demand or self- ordering amongst others. To enable to kiosk to carry out these functions correctly, multiple devices will need to be installed and integrated into the software. For example, the kiosk will need to know the difference between a payment receptacle and its screen otherwise it will send general alerts when maintenance is required – you need details to act appropriately.


The software you use should allow the option to blacklist certain content such as rival or taboo websites. It may be easier to create a whitelist of sites that can be accessed limiting the chances of a user accessing something they shouldn’t. For example, if the kiosk is being used by internal employees; it would be prudent to blacklist social media or websites allowing for transactions to keep the employees focused without distraction.

Which Software?

Depending on your overall goals, the software you choose must adhere to these three features – the interface must be user friendly, the machine must understand its components and it absolutely must be secure to protect the business. You could also look into remote monitoring to ensure the kiosk is functioning correctly without tampering but that will depend on the needs of your business.


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