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The fast paced technological environment that we operate in has impacted the way we live our lives and influences how we carry out everyday tasks, from the way we conduct our banking, to our preferences on purchasing clothes, food and everything in between.

One of the biggest shifting retail trends in recent years has seen business moving away from traditional retail channels to online services, as ease of access and cheaper online alternatives become more prevalent.  As such, retailers are constantly looking at ways to engage their customers across all platforms and build loyalty to protect their customer base and drive business profits.

Cammax understand this and have built our company on providing cross platform systems that engage target customers whether it be at home through their mobile devices and laptops, via in store self serve systems, or at targeted concessions.  The aim has always been to secure the customer response needed at the time and location required by the retailer, whether this is in the form of a customer purchase or a much needed feedback survey.

As technological experts in engagement, payments, ticketing, automated journeys and data capture, Cammax has positioned itself as the go to partner for retailers looking to exploit digital technologies to boost their service offering and achieve business objectives.

Software with style, substance and simplicity

Since our inception, and as technology has evolved, Cammax has stayed right at the forefront of the latest software innovations and our dedicated team of in-house developers are passionate about creating retail applications that offer stylish appeal, functional depth and endless capabilities.

Cammax has developed a number of solutions for retailers, encompassing mobile apps, in store self serve, endless aisle, membership sign up, access control, loyalty programmes, head office VMS and many more. Our retail software solutions can empower customers and staff alike resulting in an enjoyable retail experience across the board and a tangible return for your business.

Technology – all bases covered

Cammax recognises that all retailers are faced with unique challenges in addition to the common problems faced by most.  As such, it is vital that systems can be tailored to individual organisation’s needs.  To support retailers with this, Cammax offers a wide range of products to fit any environment from stylish all in one units for content display, right through to robust self serve units designed to securely transact in cash, cards, contactless and all other payment technologies.  Products can all be customised to ensure brand alignment and engage customers from all demographics.

Retail Solution Benefits

Driving Sales

Automated retail solutions present a great opportunity for interacting and engaging customers through tailored promotions, loyalty programs, and cross and up-selling opportunities. Retailers can increase customer spending through targeted promotions and multi-channel recommended products; to improve shopper engagement, optimise customer loyalty, and more importantly, drive sales.

Increased Revenue

By deploying systems in strategic locations, a retailer has the ability to reach more customers without a costly investment in additional brick-and-mortar space. This approach increases revenue opportunities by expanding the customer base which increases the potential for the retailer to sell more products. Retail systems can play a vital role in retail expansion as they can provide a cost-effective method to expand reach and generate more sales.

Unrivalled Customer Experience

Retail systems can streamline the sales process making it quick, simple and hassle free; eliminating time spent queuing and giving the consumer greater convenience. Systems provide endless opportunities to boost both customer satisfaction and store profits; enabling customers to reserve, order and purchase items with ease and efficiency.

Whereas before staff behind the till were the only ones responsible for accepting orders, leading to long wait times for customers, the introduction of kiosk solutions has led to wait times being reduced significantly, improving the overall buying experience. Through our work with Concorde IT, we have witnessed first- hand how big-name retailers like DFS have benefitted from interactive kiosk deployment.

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