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Here you will findĀ  a selection of live-action videos that provide a lot more information about the many individual products and services available from Cammax.

Cammax produce many different types of kiosks and Ticket Vending Machines (TVMs) to a range of different markets, and, thanks to our unique multi-function plate in the front of many of our machines, we can manufacturer kiosks with their own unique configuration.

The multi-function plate means that an enormous range of cutting-edge peripherals can be built into any Cammax individual kiosk machine.

Fax example, a customer may need a particular type of printer, bar code scanner, or Biometric device. Thanks to the adaptability of the multi-function plate, an endless variation of different peripherals can be accommodated with the same base kiosk cabinet design.

These videos listed below show many of the different types of kiosk machines that Cammax can expertly manufacture.

If you require a particular peripheral to be incorporated into your kiosk please don’t hesitate to get in touch with a member of the friendly Cammax team; all Cammax kiosks can be customised to meet your specific requirements.

From company news to live product demonstrations, explore our video collection below:

Parking Payment

Indoor Full Service Parking Payment Kiosk

Cirrus Outdoor Parking Payment Kiosk

Outdoor full service parking payment kiosk

Free Standing Blade Payment Kiosk

Wall Mounted GP3 Payment Kiosk

SMART Ticketing

SMART Ticketing Kiosk

York By Bus SMART Ticketing

Bristol Smart Ticketing

SMART Ticketing- Lessons learned

East Midlands Railway Smart Rail TVM

Council Payment

Council Payment

Denbighshire Council Payment Kiosk

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