Touchscreen kiosk Solutions

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The Cammax Solution

At Cammax we specialise in developing cutting-edge kiosk applications that can be tailored to meet the exact needs of your business.

From SMART ticketing systems designed to lower transaction costs and reduce queues, to prescription payment software developed specifically for the NHS, our dedicated team of in-house developers are passionate about creating bespoke applications that offer stylish appeal, functional depth and endless capability.

Parking Solutions


Rail TVM

Cammax have been working closely with our partner SilverRail to develop a Rail Ticketing kiosk to become one of...


Back Office

Overview Self-service systems are becoming more and more common in our everyday lives, whether it be buying a transport...


Bespoke Solutions

Custom kiosk machines and solutions designed to meet the requirements of your business


Smart Ticketing Kiosk

Cammax have worked closely with a wide range of different customers,  partners and Passenger Transport Executives in order to...


Council Payment Kiosk

Implementing a Cammax self-service kiosk machine significantly improves the overall service provided by Councils whilst reducing transaction costs and...


Payment Kiosk

Cammax provide a number of payment self-service solutions to a range of industries including Tourism, Retail, Council, NHS and...


Fast Track Payment Kiosk

The Cammax Fast Track Payment kiosk was initially designed by Cammax for fast tracking passengers through security control at...


Prescription Payment Kiosk

Cammax have developed a prescription payment kiosk specific to the NHS, to allow patients to pay for prescriptions during...


Translation Kiosk

As diversity and equality becomes more and more important in today’s environment, Cammax have been able to provide Public...



Self-service and automated shopping experiences are growing in value and retail kiosks are becoming integral to the in-store buying...


Internet Kiosk

Ensuring your Internet Kiosk is secure and locked down is of paramount importance.


Kiosk Software Security

At Cammax we recognise that secure kiosk software is essential for protecting public- facing devices from hackers, inadvertent misuse, and unauthorized access. From the initial wrap around secure browser, through to internet walled gardens and firewalls, we develop all of our kiosk applications with security right at the heart of what we do. Kiosk software must be able to prevent misuse of the provided features which is why our applications offer the ability to limit non- malicious users to specific, predetermined activities so the device can be used for a specific task, communication or function.

ITSO Compatibility

Thanks to our partnership with Rambus, the UK’s leading provider of ITSO- based SMART ticketing software, we are proud to offer ITSO based ticket fulfilment via our kiosks to the transport sector. Cammax work with a range of ITSO schemes and we ensure that all of our Ticket Vending Machine solutions are fully compatible with the software. We also help support any existing schemes which a customer may already have in place, including ITSO service providers Rambus and Yorcard.

Remote Monitoring & Management

Cammax offer a comprehensive range of online, remote monitoring solutions for touchscreen kiosk machines. Our innovative software can deliver statistics on usage levels, as well as helping to ensure uptime with kiosk diagnostics . Our gap monitoring solution will automatically inform you about any problems independent of your current location, alerting you by e-mail or SMS in the event of an error . We are also dedicated to providing industry-leading kiosk management services. This includes the following product modules: • Remote Ping • At a glance events management • Controlled Alerts • Remote Re-boot

Kiosk Application Peripherals

In order to help businesses create a fully customised self-service solution to fit their individual usage, Cammax have developed a range of kiosk peripherals that can be bolted on to any kiosk application. Some of our most popular peripherals include: • RFID Readers • Biometric scanners • Thermal printers • Card payment/contactless modules • Card payment/contactless modules

DDA Compliance

Extensive experience with government and healthcare projects means that our kiosk software applications fully support all DDA requirements. Readability, color-coding, user-adjustable volume control, user-adjustable zoom level, virtual touchpad, audio output and text-to-speech capability can all be integrated as part of the tailored service we provide.

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