Remote Kiosk Management

Maximising uptime and supporting our clients


As technology continues to evolve and self-service systems become responsible for more complex and crucial operational tasks, it is vital that these systems are maintained to the highest standard to ensure that uptime is maximised. Cammax recognise this and provide our clients with remote kiosk management services aimed at monitoring system performance, pre-empting and preventing service interruptions and providing technical support for customer facing staff, management and 3rd party organisations.

Proactive Monitoring

Cammax provide support services for thousands of kiosks, operated by hundreds of customers and deployed across a wide range of industries.  One of the founding principles of the support services that we offer involves going the extra mile to identify potential issues, investigating them to their full, providing timely resolutions while maintaining clear channels of communication with our clients throughout the process. This proactive approach is only made possible by implementing system monitoring tools in all of our software applications, that provide us with the messaging and alerts that allow us to review performance, identify patterns and escalate potential issues so that service interruptions can be spotted and resolved as quickly as possible, often before our clients have even raised them as issues through our support desk. This helps our clients to keep their key services operational for the longest periods of time possible, whilst aiding front line staff with issue resolution when problems do arise.

Remote Support

Service interruptions can be costly for all parties involved, whether it be a customer who is unable to purchase a ticket, a client staff member who may be required to carry out first line investigation works, or the supplier who may need to provide onsite resources to resolve the issue. As such, it is important that service interruptions are resolved as quickly as possible in the event that they do arise.

This typically starts with a support call being raised either by proactive Cammax support staff or from our clients, after which a ticket is generated by our support desk and following initial diagnosis, a remote support session is conducted.  Remote support sessions involve members of our service desk connecting in to the machine/ system that is affected to further assess the issue and run through agreed resolution actions. These sessions result in successful outcomes in most cases, but should the issue persist, it can be escalated to members of our software support team for further investigation and resolution actions.

Remote support sessions are carried out as early as possible in the SLA response window so as not to impact on our ability to mobilise onsite engineering resource in the event of component malfunctions where replacement parts are needed.

Some of the remote resolution actions performed include:

  • Device status review
  • System status review
  • Device power cycles
  • Application restarts
  • Kiosk restarts
  • 3rd Party Integration restarts
  • System synchronisations
  • Server Pings
  • Service Pings
  • Retrieve log files
  • View screen
  • Test transactions
  • Configuration updates

All of these tools are utilised to keep systems running and keep service interruptions to a minimum. Where potential issues are spotted by Cammax staff, these are escalated to our clients as a request to review to make sure systems are performing as expected. These events are often spotted by our staff following:

  • Consumables not being replaced by client staff following service alerts
  • Consumables being replaced incorrectly
  • Network changes that haven’t been communicated to Cammax
  • Planned service outages
  • Power interruptions
  • 3rd party service outages

System Updates

One of the key parts of the remote kiosk management service that Cammax offers is the ability to update large estates of machines from a single remote location. Once system updates have been through the necessary internal and client testing procedures and have been signed off for release, Cammax are able to schedule updates to run out of hours or during agreed service windows. This allows our clients to roll out system updates in a controlled and scheduled manner whilst avoiding high costs for onsite visits to each machine.

By the same method, system information can be retrieved from each unit without requiring any onsite visits to obtain useful data. This allows our clients to keep ongoing costs to a minimum and avoid service interruptions at the same time.


Cammax believe that providing a remote kiosk management service to our clients delivers a number of benefits such as:

  • Service interruptions can be pre-empted, and in some cases prevented
  • Clients are made aware of potential problems
  • Issues are raised quicker and resolved faster
  • Fault identification process is sped up, allowing for necessary resolution actions to be launched
  • System updates can be managed from a single remote location, avoiding site visits
  • System uptime is maximised



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