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Cammax understands that businesses often have unique requirements. These can be driven by entrepreneurial organisations identifying market opportunities ahead of their competitors, or through the pressures to deliver operational efficiencies that the fast paced technological market place can impose on us.

As a result of this, Cammax has built an international reputation as a trusted technology partner that provides tailored systems to deliver the results our partners demand, streamlining processes, helping to exploit short and long term opportunities, operating with the agility and speed that is critical in today’s ever changing landscape.

To achieve this, Cammax has established all services required in house, so that every step of the journey is in our hands. Whether it involves architecting a complex software integration or system upgrade, or if a new payment device needs to be deployed to remain compliant, Cammax has the experience and expertise to guide you through to a successful outcome.

Account Management

We want to build sustainable partnerships and have achieved this by consistently delivering a strong value proposition for the products and services we offer. Our account managers are focused on understanding your specific set of challenges and working with you to overcome these, whether this be through deployment of new systems or enhancing existing systems. As industry experts, they have a wealth of experience from multiple market places and are ideally placed to offer insights and options on how best to navigate past the obstacles that can present themselves.

Software Architecture

Our UK based software team has been with us for over 10 years and are responsible for developing every single application, back office, integration and customisation that we have delivered.  As such, we are able to support our partners with new system features and system changes to ensure they are able to evolve as their business and trends dictate. As they have scoped, developed, tested and deployed all of our software, they are experts in reviewing system changes and well versed in rapid development cycles.

CAD – New machines, new devices, new designs

When our partners require new devices or new machines to help them meet emerging demands, our account managers and CAD engineers offer free consultations to review both design and functional requirements.  The aim of these sessions is to capture all of today’s requirements, whilst allowing for the flexibility required to meet tomorrows yet unknown challenges, helping to maximise ROI.  Our CAD team are able to provide in depth mechanical drawings, whilst our account managers are able to offer branded mock ups and renders of these units to assist with business decisions.

Project management

As well as understanding requirements, it is vital that our project management teams are able to deliver them.  To that end, Cammax employs dedicated project managers who are responsible for managing the internal Cammax teams and liaising with external partner teams to ensure projects are delivered to scope, but that they are also delivered on time and within the commercial agreements we have contracted to.


Once systems have been successfully deployed our experienced helpdesk team are on hand to support our partners at every step.  From assisting with system specific information requests, right through to FAQs and first line support, the Cammax helpdesk offers an unrivalled service level with a personal touch that puts you firmly at the forefront of our working practises.  We understand that service interruptions can occur and our team of professionals aim to identify issues and provide resolutions, regardless of whether the root cause originates from our system or not.  We want to make life as easy for you as possible so you can get on with the business of making your organisation as successful as it can be.


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