About Us

Ready to self serve? Let’s solve the problem together

Ticketing Troubles?
Payment Problems?
Queuing Qualms?

With the use of self service technology, we’ve been successfully guiding our customers through these delicate dilemmas for the past 20 years. Our flexible approach to delivering tailored systems means we can provide our customers with modern solutions to age old problems.

Whether it’s processing payments faster, getting tickets in the hands of customers, or reaching new markets, Cammax are experts in helping organisations realise the benefits that self service systems deliver.

“Cammax have demonstrated their ability to deliver efficient, easy to use software and kiosks that enable customers to make thousands of ITSO smart ticket purchases each month. They have been an excellent partner in providing systems and adding further functionality and ticket types, whilst maintaining easy configuration and a good user and customer experience.”

Our journey

It’s hard to believe that just 15 years ago, our focus was providing payment kiosks for mobile phone top ups in retail stores, but those are the roots from which Cammax has grown to become widely recognised as the “go to” people for all things self service.

Whilst technology has moved along at an incredible pace since our founding, the goals are still the same. The questions being asked are can we do it quicker? Cheaper? Can we reach new markets or customer groups? Can we launch a new product or boost sales of an existing product?

Cammax has been addressing these questions for almost two decades, providing easy to use, cost effective solutions to these problems and many more.

The future

Ironically, as we started our journey by working with mobile phones, so too will they and other portable devices play a big part in our future. Cammax are now providing multiple self service platforms which cater for the new digital age, including mobile, handheld, web and kiosk based, to ensure that our suite of products can be tailored to as many client requirements as possible.

This approach allows our clients to benefit from reduced development costs whilst obtaining a system that meets their exact needs, rather than being shoehorned into purchasing a massively expensive system that only achieves 80% of functional requirements.

What can you expect?

At Cammax, we’re passionate about self service systems and thrive on the challenges that the fast paced technological world throws our way. Our team of developers believe they can automate any process, whilst our production engineers are constantly looking for ways to improve on our already renowned product portfolio.

We embrace our customer’s problems and work closely with them to find resolutions that will not only deliver immediate benefits, but will evolve throughout the life of the deployment to cater for new, emerging obstacles that may arise along the way.