Kiosk Rental

All the elements of a successful kiosk roll out incorporated into one monthly payment

Rent a Self Service Kiosk

The rental model is most useful to clients who do not wish to commit what can be a large sum as a one off capital equipment purchase. These clients would prefer to see a relatively much smaller sum being paid on a monthly basis, which can then be expensed through the client’s profit and loss account, rather than a one off hit to the balance sheet.

The beauty of the rental model, or lease model as it can also be referred to, is that all the elements of a successful kiosk roll out can be incorporated into one monthly payment, with the total purchase price effectively spread over a period of (usually three) years.

The various elements of a self service machine deployment via a lease or rental agreement would include the kiosk hardware, and could also include any of the following services, all provided in house by the experienced Cammax team:

  • Screen flow ideas and mockups
  • Software scoping
  • System architecture
  • Software development
  • Interface to client systems
  • Back end portal with real time kiosk information statistics and analysis
  • Project management with a dedicated project manager
  • End to end system testing
  • Delivery and installation
  • Comprehensive customer staff training
  • On site hardware maintenance
  • Software support and help desk
  • Software graphics to complement customer’s branding
  • Kiosks can be branded externally to customer’s logo and colour theme

Kiosk Rental Models

There are many rental models which Cammax offer to the self service marketplace including:

Indoor payment kiosks

Outdoor payment kiosks

Outdoor smart ticketing kiosks

Council payment kiosks

Prescription payment kiosks

Parking payment kiosks

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