Outdoor Smart Ticket Vending Machines (TVMs)

Dispenses Smart cards and paper tickets, and offers top ups and online product purchase collection.

Product - Outdoor Smart Ticket Vending Machines (TVMs)

Cammax offers a range of Smart TVMs to meet the varying needs of the market place, whether it be dispensing Smart cards and paper tickets or providing journey planning combined with Real Time Information (RTI).

The Smart TVMs we offer are all freestanding units and can be customised to provide a range of ticketing solutions. These  machines have been specially designed for use in unattended public areas (such as transport hubs, bus stops, tram stops and other high footfall locations), making them an ideal outdoor kiosk machine solution.

Whilst the Smart TVMs core functions are to process payments via card, cash, (or both), dispense new Smart cards and paper tickets, top up existing Smart cards, or facilitate the collection of pre- purchased tickets, it can also offer much more.

Optional features include the addition of a second screen for RTI or advertising purposes, as well as intercoms that can act as help points, whilst separate product collectors can be located on the reverse or side of the TVMs to offer dual usage.

When combined with the Cammax Smart Ticketing software, these machines provide organisations with an ideal means of getting tickets into the hands of their customers at the point when, and where, they need them most.

Features of the software include:

  • Customised front end TVM application that caters for unlimited ticketing options.
  • Front end administrator module that allows engineers and attendants to reprint tickets, check device status and carry out day to day admin tasks.
  • Comprehensive Back Office that provides operators with all of the system data in an easy to use, web based portal.

Custom offerings

As well as providing organisations with standard Smart TVM systems, Cammax also work closely with partners who require unique functionality in order to deliver custom solutions.

An example of this is our recent development of the National Transport Awards nominated Smart Photo TVM system which allows operators to offer their customers the ability to customise their Smart cards. Users can personalise their Smart cards with photo ID during the transaction before receiving an encoded, personalised Smart card within 60 seconds, facilitating immediate onward travel.

The system has become one of the most successful retail channels for Smart products and usage continues to grow.  You can see this system, the ‘Swift’ TVM, that was developed in partnership with Transport for West Midlands (TfWM) by watching the video below:



Product - Outdoor Smart Ticket Vending Machines (TVMs)

Key Features

  • Multi ticket media TVM
  • Dispense new smart cards
  • Top up existing cards
  • Collection of pre-purchased products
  • Integration with 3rd party systems
  • Integrated with any Part 11
  • ITSO compliant
  • Fully customiseable
  • Caters for Smart Tickets, Barcode tickets and other technologies
Kiosk Outdoor kiosk made sleek robust steel epoxy coated kiosk
Touch Screen 19” TFT SAW touchscreen
PC Fully integrated industrial ultra-small factor PC
Dimensions 667w x 460d x 1620h
Peripherals Smart Card Reader, Payment Options, Smart Card Dispensing, Barcode Scanner, Printing
Branding Bespoke Customised Ticketing Interface, Vinyl Graphics
Application Suggestions Product Loading and Purchasing, Smart Card Post, Smart Ticket, Gift Card Issuing
Available Bespoke Software development, Site survey, Delivery, Commissioning, Installation, Remote monitoring, Onsite maintenance

Product Gallery

Software Delivery

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