Kiosk Rental Trips


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Designing The Exterior Of Your Kiosk And The Importance Of Design


Kiosks are now being installed into a huge number of businesses and ranging from all different sectors. For many companies kiosks are a huge part of sales and make sure that everything runs smoothly on daily basis. Different kiosks should seamlessly fit in with their surroundings whether it be in a patient waiting room or […]

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Benefits of Virtual Reception Kiosks


Virtual reception and assistant kiosks can offer many benefits to businesses. Not only can they enhance the effectiveness and efficiency of conventional receptionist areas; they can provide better customer service by delivering a faster and convenient service, overall creating greater customer satisfaction. Reduce Costs These virtual reception kiosks are extremely cost effective, reducing direct costs […]

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Collecting data: the do’s and don’ts of data collection from kiosks


  Data in marketing is one of the most valuable assets you can have – it allows you to reconnect with customers, understand their shopping habits and needs, and allows you to serve bespoke information via segmentation. Many kiosk services have data collection facilities built into the software but what should you do when you […]

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Positioning Your Kiosk: Should you go Outdoor or Indoor?


Using a kiosk for your business can often be a good idea, and it’s something that is being used more and more the world-over. However, trying to decide where to put your kiosk can be pretty tricky. Should you place it outside at the mercy of the elements or should you keep it in the […]

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