Benefits of Virtual Reception Kiosks

Virtual reception and assistant kiosks can offer many benefits to businesses. Not only can they enhance the effectiveness and efficiency of conventional receptionist areas; they can provide better customer service by delivering a faster and convenient service, overall creating greater customer satisfaction.

Reduce Costs

These virtual reception kiosks are extremely cost effective, reducing direct costs as less customer-facing staff are required. This affordable kiosk system supports organisational growth as the kiosks are cheaper to maintain than staff, and they are also able to process a large number of transactions making them more profitable.

Manage Queues

Customer experience can be enhanced by managing queues effectively with the virtual reception kiosk. The machines can complement existing reception set-ups or they can act as a stand-alone check-in system for guests. If they are used alongside existing reception set-ups then they can aid in alleviating queues and cutting down waiting time, or if they are used as the primary check-in system then your employee’s time can be put to more effective use.


Kiosks like the anti-vandal telephone handset is linked to a dedicated support line in the venue to ensure there is security is paramount at all times. The kiosks have full reporting system technology available which allows an ongoing process of improvement, allowing you to monitor the kiosks and improve the system.

Always Available

Staff aren’t always available to deal with customers if they are busy, ill or there isn’t a full-time employee who looks after a certain station. Virtual reception kiosks fill in for staff when they are unavailable and guests can notify or contact their hosts even when the area is unattended; thus improving the visitor experience and increasing customer satisfaction.

Increase Customer Satisfaction

The virtual reception kiosks instantly attract customers with their modern and professional appearance and slick design. It streamlines the visitor management processes, ensuring that the optimum number of visitors are being seen to at one time.

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