How much time can kiosks save you at rush hour?

Throughout our working lives we are all involved in rush hour whether we are commuting on public transport or not. Especially on public transport the journey during peak times can be stressful and staff in transport stations may not have the chance to attend to such a high volume of people in the time needed. This is where kiosks have become particularly useful, giving commuters another option to collect their tickets or top up any travel cards. Taking some of the workload off the staff so they can deal with some more complex inquiries without queues building up.

Travel kiosks have the ability to carry out any ticket purchases that is required with a wide range of payment options and top up services for travel cards. The kiosks have an easy to use design, meaning commuters can quickly find any information they need or purchase their tickets and helps to cut queuing time during the busiest periods of the day.

Over the years kiosks have been able to make huge advancements in the way they operate and the features they contain. Travel kiosks can now be left free standing for 24 hours a day both inside and outside and have adapted to the needs of customers, installing tickets collections, journey planners and maps making any inquiry quick and easy. The more kiosks that are installed the more help both customers and staff can receive and reduce queues, delays and stress during rush hour.

It’s not only transport stations that feel the effects of public transport. Any services such as fast food restaurants, coffee shops or supermarkets that are in or around stations can often feel the effects of rush hour traffic. Even in these industries kiosks have been able to take the strain off staff by installing self-serving kiosks meaning people can quickly purchase their morning coffee or breakfast and staff can focus on making their order so it is ready to pick up by the time they get to the counter.

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