The Role of Kiosks In User Feedback

Every business knows that their customers thoughts are always the most important and valuable asset to how they run. Feedback allows change and growth within a company and allows for more reliable opinion from a customer. Almost every kind of industry will now hold some kind of feedback survey through either a rated survey or commenting system. The survey kiosks are easy to use and can be installed into kiosks or a tablet PC, meaning feedback can be collected from all kinds of customers. If there’s a particular area you are looking to improve as a business you can create your own questionnaires through the kiosks. The data you use can be collected


Many survey kiosks have been installed within the NHS, whilst patients wait or even after an appointment they can have the opportunity to voice any concerns or improvements that could have been made to their experience. The biggest benefit of having a survey kiosks within the NHS and healthcare is the anonymity that patients get when giving feedback. This allows for honesty and reliability in their feedback if they don’t want to share their concerns with a member of staff. Survey kiosks also give patients the option to select a multilingual feature, giving them the confidence to contribute their own experience and take part in any surveys which may be available.


Retail stores often pair their surveys with competitions and by filling out a feedback survey customers are then entered into a competition to win either money or clothes. Retail don’t often get the same amount of customer response from surveys so adding a feature such as a competition adds a certain appeal that they could get something back from their contribution. If survey kiosks are installed into stores that are selling desirable or seasonal products then advertising can be utilised as a home screen before they enter the survey.

Restaurants and bars have always relied on customer feedback, making sure their customers are satisfied with their food, drinks and service. Tipping has always been a way to express the good service you have received, however more businesses are taking on survey kiosks to find out in more detail exactly what was good or bad about their time and some restaurants even give their customers a chance to have their say on what they would like to see in future menus.

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