Cammax’s Top Tips for Creating Digital Signage that Stands Out


The advantages of using digital signage over fixed marketing for retail solutions are obvious in the same way a television programme is more engaging than the script it is based on – moving images catch and hold people’s attention more effectively.

However, to get the best from digital signage there are some rules that need to be adhered to. That’s why we’ve put together some tops tips for creating digital signage that really stands out:


Be Clear and Concise
The amount of information a digital sign offers needs to be kept to a minimum. Overloading the audience will cause them to lose interest and a long copy requires the reader to focus for an extended period – not an easy goal to achieve in this modern age.

Text is best kept short and easy to read. This means no over the top, extended sentences with multiple subordinating clauses, excessively long words and pointless adjectives – much like this one. You must remember most of the audience will only look at the signage for a short time!

Remove Distractions

The focus of your digital signage must be to simply advertise your product or service. Television and radio adverts tend to have an amount of story attached to them but there’s no need with your signage as you’ll only detract from your message.

The same goes for busy colour patterns and hectic animation – keep it simple and direct. The last thing you want is for the audience to remember the theatrics of your signage instead of the message it is conveying.

Length and Ordering

Your key message should be the focus at the beginning and end of a signage piece. Having a lot of overblown information right away will disengage the audience so ease them in with something of an introductory statement.

Pace your sign’s message to allow readers of all ages and abilities to fully digest the information – going too fast causes some of your message to be lost.Remember to reinforce key words and phrases; linking key parts of the message and repeating key information is vital.

Be Sparing with Animation

The graphics that can be created at present are amazing but leave the fancy CGI to Hollywood and keep the animation uniform and simple.

Having text roaming all over the screen or coming into frame from all angles will affect the audience’s focus and damage your message’s impact. Between screens, opt for fade- to- black rather than sharp changes otherwise the message will subconsciously appear threatening and busy.

Consistency is Key

The design of your digital signage must remain uniform to bolster your brand’s image. Most businesses have one key house style they never deviate from and your signage must adhere to this.

Use the same font, animation style and background colour to create a recognizable image the audience will remember over time.A key factor with digital signage is the length of time a viewer will see it for – each screen or slide should work as a standalone poster or design.

Content, Content, Content

If the content itself is poor, the audience will recognise this right away and disregard your message outright. Employ professional content writers to maximize the potential of your digital signage and you’ll go far.

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