How to maintain your outdoor kiosk this winter

Winter is upon us and as businesses across the UK adapt to the colder weather, it’s important that outdoor kiosks are given due care and attention during the colder months to ensure they remain as functional as possible.

You can read all about our range of maintenance services here, and you’ll find details of what happens if something goes wrong in your SLA, but even our robust and reliable machines need some TLC from time to time!

With that in mind, here are 4 tips for maintaining your outdoor kiosk this winter:

Clean the display

It might sound obvious but over time your kiosk display can gradually gather huge amounts of dirt, scum and grime. This problem can become exacerbated during the winter, as high winds cause more debris to be scattered around the vicinity of your machine.

To avoid this build-up, you’ll need to clean your kiosk screens regularly this winter, whilst also ensuring that any essential hardware components are protected from precipitation and inclement weather.

If you’ve purchased a machine from our outdoor kiosk range you can rest assured that all Cammax touchscreens are waterproof but not all outdoor kiosks are so you must inspect the screen and this will enable you to determine the right type of cloth and cleaning solution to use so you can effectively maintain the display.

Remember, dirt build-up can limit the functionality of your displays over time, so cleaning it regularly is crucial to maintaining long-term performance.

Inspect displays for potential faults

Kiosks are essentially large pieces of electrical equipment, which means that you should have them professionally inspected at least once every year. At Cammax, we ensure all of our kiosks are regularly serviced by a member of our dedicated team but as a kiosk owner it’s also important that you take steps to identify any potential issues before they become too problematic.

Look out for cracks, chips or any other signs of wear and tear in the hardware, particularly if your kiosk is stationed in areas with high levels of traffic. Next, try to establish the cause of any faults and report any issues to your kiosk manufacturer: it’s important to protect both your investment and your customers in the process.

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Update your Software

Test that your kiosk software is working as efficiently as possible and always follow troubleshooting advice and guidance. It’s also important to update your software regularly to keep your kiosk running as efficiently as possible. By updating your software you’ll take advantage of any new features and bug fixes, and keep your system performing optimally.

If you notice the kiosk software is running significantly slower than it usually does, or if it regularly breaks down, it may be time for an update.

Keep the surrounding area clean & safe

It’s also vital that you attend to the area surrounding your kiosks too; not only will this allow you to identify any potential hazards or obstructions, but it will also encourage more usage and a tidy environment will reflect well on your brand. There’s little point in cleaning your kiosk screens if the area around them becomes cluttered with dirt and debris, as this is counter-intuitive as the build-up of dust and moisture can prevent the machine from working properly.

Always ensure the area around your kiosk is clean, tidy and free from clutter and make the time to clean this space thoroughly using robust solutions.

If you find that this is extremely time-consuming or feel that the task of keeping these areas clean is almost impossible, you can consider moving each kiosk to an area where they are less likely to wear and pick up chips, scratches or other damage.

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