How to encourage customers to use self-service technology

When introducing self -service kiosks to your business you may have reservations over the likelihood of customers embracing the new technology. At first, new technology can be intimidating for some users but advice is available to help you implement self- service kiosks successfully:

  1. Attendants

Having a human staff member in close proximity to the self- service kiosks will offer the customer an extra level of reassurance, this is particularly true for vulnerable users. If something were to go wrong with the kiosk, or if the process becomes confusing for the user, the staff member is on hand to resolve the issue.

Customers still place a lot of trust in staff members for help and advice meaning that it’s a good idea to keep staff close to the unit(s), particularly in the period after initial deployment

  1. Advertising

Using posters or digital signage to display step by step instructions for using the self- service kiosks is a great way to introduce customers to the technology and doesn’t force them to use the kiosks without some prior knowledge of the machine’s functions.

Simple marketing psychology can also be applied such as including images of smiling people and adding buzz words to the materials: efficient, useful etc…

  1. Rewarding

Customers generally respond to incentives positively such as vouchers, discounts and verbal thanks for their custom so it is wise to introduce incentive schemes for using your new self- service kiosks.

Aside from reduced wait times, generally speaking kiosks can offer the functionality to print vouchers and discount coupons as part of their check out process. Other self- service functions will no doubt offer an opportunity for customers to access other benefits such as automated loyalty schemes.

  1. Informing

Some of your customers may be disinclined to use a self- service kiosk if units suddenly appear within your business without announcement. Make use of your business’s current informative materials to explain your kiosks to the customer base – whether its media advertising, in store materials, or even word of mouth amongst the staffing team.

If you treat the customers as though they are new employees; you can deliver a lot of information in a short time- frame. Take the training materials and pass them on to the marketing team to develop for use amongst the public – everything you need is within your grasp.

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