Top Tips for Maintaining Your Kiosk

Even with the superb advancements made in touchscreen technology; even the most rugged industrial screens require maintenance from time to time. Even though your kiosk may not succumb to any visual damage, it’s worth carrying out routine inspections to ascertain if any less superficial, more serious damage is being caused behind the display.

Here at Cammax we offer a variety of comprehensive kiosk maintenance services ranging from 7 days, 5 days, 48 hours and 24- hour service level agreements. Remote monitoring packages can also be included to allow us to react more quickly to any problems you may have. We can also create bespoke maintenance agreements to ensure all your requirements are catered for. However, in the meantime follow this advice for keeping your kiosk in tip-top shape.

Firstly, it’s very important to keep the screens free of dirt and regularly clean them with an appropriate cloth/cleaning solution. Not all industrial touch screens are waterproof so you must check first for confirmation on how best to clean it. Dirt on the screen can limit functionality and will become progressively more difficult to remove the longer it remains untouched.

Kiosk Maintenance

Aside from the screen, you must also consider the area surrounding the kiosk/screen. If the area accumulates dirt and dust over a short space of time; it would be wise to relocate the unit to a cleaner area – dirt, dust and even moisture do not mix well with the advanced electronics that power your machine.

With the more basic maintenance covered; you will need to have your screen regularly inspected for signs of wear and tear. The more regularly you inspect the screen; the less likely it is to develop any serious faults and a good technician will no doubt spot potential issues long before they develop into something more serious.

If you cannot commit to regular professional inspections for any reason, carry out your own checks in the time between visits. Although you, or a member of your staff, may not be able to spot all potential danger signs, there are numerous tasks you can carry out to ascertain the health of your kiosk/screen.

For example; always investigate the screen for signs of scratches, chips or other damage. Log any potential problems and make sure to report the repairs. Additionally, you can also check the stability of the machine and alter the placement accordingly if any issues are discovered or even update the software if such a request is present on the screen itself – assuming you have a full understanding of how the update functions.

Carrying out your own checks will go a long way to reinforcing the assessment a technician will conduct and you could find that your screen/kiosk costs you far less in the long run in terms of maintenance– it’s all about being proactive and avoiding the assumption that the kiosk is self- sufficient and entirely invulnerable to damage.

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