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How much time can kiosks save you at rush hour?


Throughout our working lives we are all involved in rush hour whether we are commuting on public transport or not. Especially on public transport the journey during peak times can be stressful and staff in transport stations may not have the chance to attend to such a high volume of people in the time needed. […]

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The Growth Of Kiosks In The Hospitality Industry


The world of hospitality is one the the most exciting and lively industries, focusing on creating a strong relationship between business and customer. Hotels, restaurants, coffee shops, pubs and clubs have a duty to adapt to customers needs to keep satisfaction rates high. A growth of kiosks are starting to show throughout hospitality which includes […]

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How ticketing kiosks can benefit your business


How many times do you think you use a ticketing kiosk in one day? More often than you think. When the first ticketing kiosk was installed at an airport in the 1970’s people instantly reacted to the ability of being able to self serve quickly and efficiently. Now fast forward 40 years, kiosks are now […]

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How multi-lingual kiosk solutions can help develop your business


Businesses are under pressure more than ever to conform and adapt to the demand for diversity throughout society. The Multilingual and Translation kiosks offer 40+ languages meaning every customer will have equal opportunities and gain the same quality experience from a business. Having a Multilingual kiosk can hold many opportunities for a business, show customers […]

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Useful Applications of Kiosks In Education


The concept of learning continues to evolve with the number of interactive kiosks being operated in educational institutions on the rise. By affording an incomparable accessibility to information, these machines are developing communication streams between students, staff, faculty, and visitors, which subsequently are having a significant impact on the student experience and business productiveness. Ultimately, […]

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Why Your Business Needs A Payment Kiosk


Convenience is a form of hedonism that the modern customer craves. If your business is able to provide flexibility to the ever-changing demands and agendas of people’s lifestyles, then their overall customer experience will be enhanced. If your business is not functioning in a niche market, then your primary objective should be providing a positive […]

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Useful Applications of Touchscreens in Transport


Touchscreen technology has become part and parcel of everyday life thanks to the evolution of the smartphone and the penetration of tablet devices. Now with so many industries and public services utilising self-service solutions to help ease the strain at bus and train stations, car rental locations and busy airports around the country we’ve decided […]

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The Majority of Customers Now Want Self Service Solutions


Epos Self service kiosks help customers process their demands, whether that’s making a purchase, finding directions, checking-in, or booking things. Businesses use them in order to lower operation costs and enhance productivity without having to hire more staff. Since customers have been getting used to self service machines over the last few years in shops, […]

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