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How Kiosks can benefit not-for-profit organisations


Many businesses utilise kiosks to increase awareness of their brand or to create leads for their sales departments to work with; thereby increasing revenue without necessarily increasing the wage bill. If kiosks are being utilized so successfully for commercial entities; can kiosks be used to increase awareness and donations for non-profit organisations such as charities […]

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Cammax to Exhibit at Transport Ticketing Global 2017


  Following on from last year’s success, Cammax are pleased to announce that we will once again be exhibiting at the Transport Ticketing Global in London between 24th-25th January 2017. Transport Ticketing Global 2017 is the annual get together for the entire public transport community involved in transport ticketing, passenger information or smart cities and […]

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How Our Kiosks can be DDA compliant


It’s a known fact that the Disability Discrimination Act affects a lot of businesses in the UK so you may want to know how our kiosks can be DDA compliant. DDA is nothing negative, the act is in place to prevent negativity towards those who live with disabilities; instead there are certain guidelines that have […]

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How to ensure successful deployment of payment kiosks


Payment functions now form an essential part of most kiosks and many business owners that have adopted these kiosks laud the ease at which customers can make transactions. The convenience of making payments via the postal service has been outmoded in favour of the superior convenience these kiosks have to offer but what happens after […]

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Touchscreen Kiosk Accessibility for the Elderly


Sometimes technology can be incredibly intimidating for the older generation and, although you may not see it, it can be a steep learning curve for those who haven’t grown up with such rapid technological advancements. It’s a fact that as we age some of our sensory abilities degrade such as eyesight, hearing and even touch […]

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The Tech Behind the Touch


With kiosks becoming more and more common it’s no surprise to see them evolving and improving as the days go by. New technology is not only being invented and re-imagined all the time, it is also becoming more affordable and accessible for companies across the globe. In today’s piece, we take a look at the […]

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Kiosks in the Casino Industry


Visit any high-street bookmaker or casino and chances are you’ll encounter a touchscreen kiosk of some sort; they bring an engaging experience to customers whilst saving your business time and money. Here at Cammax we have worked with some of the biggest names in the casino industry and we have a real grasp of the […]

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Kiosk Definitions and Terminology


Before you consider investing in a kiosk for your business it would be prudent to familiarise yourself with the terminology and jargon affiliated with the technology so please explore some of the most common terms in the glossary below. We’ll be adding to this list over time but if you come across a term you […]

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