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Cammax to exhibit at Parkex 2017


We are delighted to announce that Cammax will be exhibiting at Parkex 2017 with the event taking place at Birmingham’s NEC arena between 4th-6th April. Parkex is the largest dedicated parking conference in Europe, showcasing hundreds of the newest and most innovative parking technologies. The annual British Parking Association (BPA) event is held so that […]

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How Access Control can keep your business safe


Security is a hot topic amongst most industries, with businesses now more vulnerable than ever to the threats of computer viruses and encryption that can disrupt day to day operations. Although we pay more and more attention to cyber security, physical security should never be overlooked either so we decided to take a look at […]

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Attended vs Unattended Payment Kiosks


Self-service payment kiosks are growing in popularity with customers. Research suggests that the majority of people prefer to use self-service kiosks over human-based transactions and large businesses that are adopting this technology are reporting operational cost savings of millions of pounds each year. Payment kiosks take many different forms from the traditional cash, to the […]

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Digital Signage for Public Transport is the way forward


Public transport has long provoked the ire of the British public thanks in part to a fairly inefficient system in most areas. Lots of customer bemoan the lack of information feeds as one of the biggest gripes because delays and disruption aren’t always communicated to the customers in a timely fashion – but can digital […]

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Kiosk rental tips


Finding the right kiosk for your business can sometimes prove to be a difficult task so some business owners like to opt for renting a unit to trial the technology and other companies like to hire machines for specific events. If you are considering renting a kiosk it’s a good idea to firstly establish why […]

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Industries that are utilizing kiosks


As the world steadily embraces the ‘Do It Yourself’, self- service approach that is prevalent in many facets of day to day life, progressively more and more businesses are introducing kiosks to their models. This global shift to self- service has changed so much it is difficult to keep up but here’s a few examples […]

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How to encourage customers to use self-service technology


When introducing self -service kiosks to your business you may have reservations over the likelihood of customers embracing the new technology. At first, new technology can be intimidating for some users but advice is available to help you implement self- service kiosks successfully: Attendants Having a human staff member in close proximity to the self- […]

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Should you add a keyboard to your kiosk?


The touchscreen revolution put an end to the days when keyboards reigned supreme but are there still viable reasons for considering a keyboard when you start your kiosk project? From hygiene and maintenance, to aesthetic considerations, we explore the pros and cons of adding keys to your kiosk: Benefits The Millennial generation aside; people are […]

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