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Watch: Cammax SMART Ticketing Kiosks Rolled Out at Temple Green Park & Ride


  Following the success of the Elland Road Park & Ride project, Cammax has once again teamed up with WYCA to develop and deploy more ITSO SMART Ticketing kiosks at a Park & Ride site in Temple Green, Leeds. In July 2013 Cammax was initially awarded the contract to supply the West Yorkshire Passenger Transport […]

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Kiosks proven to enhance employee engagement


Interactive kiosks have been helping businesses reduce costs, streamline processes, and increase revenue for decades but now even more organisations are realising the value kiosks can have in enhancing employee engagement. Big private and public sector organisations like the NHS are investing significantly in increasing customer service but they are also increasingly looking at their […]

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Cammax Guide to Outdoor Kiosks


Cammax are leading innovators when it comes to designing and manufacturing kiosks and we offer a range of bespoke, interactive, touch screen solutions that aim to benefit both businesses and their customers. The needs of your organisation may differ but some businesses require robust units that are able to stand to up heavy usage. Here […]

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Cammax & TFWM Launch Swift Kiosk Initiative


Cammax are delighted to announce the launch of a brand new ITSO SMART Ticketing initiative with one of the biggest public transport authorities in the UK. Swift Kiosk is a new initiative, launched in partnership with Cammax, as part of a six-month pilot project to gage customer demand for self-service retail points in the West […]

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The benefits of Touchscreen kiosks for HR


Touchscreens currently dominate many facets of our modern-day lives and interactive solutions now form an integral part of the consumer landscape, driving innovation for many businesses from travel and banking to retail and hospitality. It’s not only the consumer- facing sectors that kiosks and interactive solutions are inspiring too because now they have become extremely […]

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How kiosks are transforming the Parking Industry


Like many sectors, the parking industry is rapidly changing and thanks to technological innovation customers and businesses are starting to reap the benefits. In this article we will explore how the use of kiosks and big data are paving the way for transformation. Payment Kiosks The parking industry needs to offer drivers many alternative ways […]

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The Benefits of EPOS Software


Businesses are increasingly searching for new ways to save money, drive productivity, and heighten sales which is why many industries are continuing to turn towards EPOS systems. EPOS stands for Electronic Point of Sale and the term refers to a computerised system used in the likes of shops, restaurants, and various other retail outlets. EPOS […]

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Is the UK heading towards a cashless society?


Contactless payments are becoming increasingly popular with more and more businesses in the UK, big and small, embracing this new technology. Across Europe, the use of cash in countries like Sweden is declining rapidly with some commentators arguing that it’s on the cusp of becoming the world’s first nation to scrap cash completely. But is […]

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