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Leeds becomes latest City to Roll out Cammax Smart Ticketing Kiosks


Leeds has become the latest city in the UK to benefit from Cammax SMART Ticketing kiosks following the roll out of several new indoor kiosks at the city’s bus station. Following similar projects in Nottingham and York, passengers in the UK’s 3rd biggest city will now be able to benefit from quicker and more efficient […]

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Kiosk Rental Trips


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How Kiosks Can Help Your Business Go Green


Over the past few decades many businesses across the UK have taken great strides towards embracing environmentally friendly practices but with Carbon Footprints, waste and pollution all continuing to rise it’s no secret that more needs to be done. As we endeavour for a more eco-friendly and sustainable society in this piece we explore the […]

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How Self Service can enhance Government Services


Government and local authorities in the UK are challenged with trying to provide for an ever- increasing population with fewer resources than ever before. This imbalance has led to extended waiting periods, inefficient processes, and poor customer experiences. Thankfully, there a number of self-service solutions that are available to help local authorities deal with the […]

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Kiosk Innovation in 2017


Self- Service is big business in the UK and with technology and competition hotting up each year, 2017 and beyond promises even more innovation. From improvements in Healthcare to advancements in kiosks for banking, we look at some of the ways in which kiosks will enhance our lives this year and beyond. Self Service for […]

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Maximizing Kiosk Uptime


A kiosk on downtime provides no value to your business so maximising the time your unit is up and running for is essential. To help ensure you get maximum return on your investment we’ve put together this handy little guide for maximising kiosk uptime. Steps Towards Maximising Uptime Invest solely in quality components that will […]

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Interactive Kiosks Utilizing Social Media


One of the most important tools in the modern marketing mix, social media platforms have captured the imagination of business all over the developed world with Forbes recently revealing that up to 81% of companies utilize the medium. Sharing great content and effective communication are key when it comes to executing a successful social media […]

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3 Tips for Marketing Your Kiosk


The freedom to choose is a major part of our daily lives, no matter how you look at it. The vast array of cuisines, venues, clothes, holidays, gadgets and so on can sometimes be overwhelming and this has had a massive impact on the traditional marketing strategies we’ve been using for decades. So how can […]

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