Now is the Time to Scrap Leaflets in Favour of Interactive Kiosks


  This may seem like an obvious concept but there’s actually much more to it than ‘kiosks do more things’. Leaflets have been an integral part of marketing campaigns for years and it is only now that they are being phased out in favour of more modern alternatives. In this article, we investigate why it’s […]

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Must Have Peripherals and Features for Your Kiosk


In every walk of life, there are numerous amounts of must- have gadgets just waiting to be purchased and flaunted for all they’re worth and it is no different for kiosks. A standard kiosk is a step in the right direction for most businesses but the unit in itself is unlikely to attract as much […]

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The Many Advantages of Adding Transactions to Kiosk Solutions


Kiosks cater to a wide range of different functionalities and applications, encompassing everything from wayfinding to product dispensing. However, when combined with electronic POS, they can provide businesses with a plethora of different benefits through integration with payment and servicing processes. The versatility of kiosks, and the range of innovative software solutions that can be […]

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Benefits of Touchscreens and Interactive Kiosks in Retail


The use of interactive kiosks with touch screens has gained tremendous popularity in many retail environments over recent years with a plethora of business owners choosing to apply the technology to a wide range of products and retail services. Developments in both hardware and software have made kiosks an attractive proposition and the shorter adoption […]

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How Loyalty Kiosks are Helping to Reel in Customers


Since 1981, loyalty schemes have been created by businesses to encourage customers to use their services again and again – the very first loyalty scheme was created by American Airlines and their frequent flyer program now boasts over 50 million members. Over the last 35 years, loyalty schemes have been adopted by businesses in virtually […]

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Kiosks Soaring into Airports


Usually, when you think about airports you can be forgiven for conjuring up images of endless queues and horrendous delays as you’re sat in waiting areas for what seems like an eternity before suffering the dreaded airport security checks. Thankfully, there have been great developments in kiosk technology in recent years that solve many of […]

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The Uses and benefits of Wayfinding Kiosks


It’s easy to be lulled into thinking a wayfinding kiosk can only provide directions to those in need but in recent times there have been great advances made to improve the functionality of these kiosks. Previously, the machines would be programmed to simply provide directions to specific landmarks or districts of towns and cities, but […]

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Top applications of Kiosks in Hotels


Self- service is fast becoming the nation’s favourite way to interact with businesses. From supermarket checkouts to airports, self- service kiosks are being implemented in all industries for one reason or another and none more so than hotels in recent times. The applications of self- service kiosks in hotels are numerous and it is no […]

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