Cammax Guide to Outdoor Kiosks

Cammax are leading innovators when it comes to designing and manufacturing kiosks and we offer a range of bespoke, interactive, touch screen solutions that aim to benefit both businesses and their customers.

The needs of your organisation may differ but some businesses require robust units that are able to stand to up heavy usage. Here at Cammax we have developed a range of kiosks that are suitable for outdoor usage, designed to cope with the unpredictability of the British weather. These all- weather kiosk solutions can withstand all conditions and are ideal as ticketing systems, queue busting machines, or touch screen information points.

To help you choose your perfect ubit we’ve decided to give you the lowdown on 4 different options from our outdoor kiosk range:


The fully IP55 rated Cirrus is designed exclusively for outdoor environments and is built to withstand even the most extreme of weather conditions. With robust 6mm toughened glass, the 19” daylight viewable TFT touchscreen of the kiosk is also vandal proof, thus can be installed in a number of unsupervised venues.

Applications include police information kiosks and parking kiosks, all the way through to Wayfinder mapping, with peripherals such as A4 printers, card readers, RFID scanners and handsets available. The kiosk also comes integrated with a rugged fan-less PC and can be finished in a colour scheme and branding of your choice.

Outdoor Smart Ticketing

The Cammax ITSO SMART Ticketing kiosk is a pioneering freestanding model which can be customised in order to provide a range of ticketing solutions- designed specifically for use in unsupervised public locations.

Its features include; ITSO/SMART card loading, card vending and product purchasing. There is also an option to add a secondary screen for RTI, advertising or full cash and change options. The kiosk has a completely configurable dynamic menu flow and can restrict products offered based on media type.

The screens are easy, clear and intuitive with ticket information automatically updated.


Like the Cirrus, the Expo outdoor kiosk is fully IP55 rated and designed to withstand all weather conditions; the kiosk also sports a robust 6mm- toughed glass to ensure the screen is safe from vandals in unsupervised locations. Its software applications can be customised and peripheral options include canopy, cash acceptance, removable branding panels, handsets and card readers.


Totem is a freestanding kiosk designed specifically for use in unattended public venues. Uniquely designed, it is perfect for showcasing RTI and advertising on its large 32” screen whilst the smaller 19” screen can be utilised to provide wayfinding, journey planning, local information or even SMART Ticketing. The kiosk is customisable to include a range of peripherals from printers, to card readers and barcode scanners.

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