The Benefits of EPOS Software

Businesses are increasingly searching for new ways to save money, drive productivity, and heighten sales which is why many industries are continuing to turn towards EPOS systems.

EPOS stands for Electronic Point of Sale and the term refers to a computerised system used in the likes of shops, restaurants, and various other retail outlets. EPOS software can be implemented at till points, on tablets, computers and in free-standing kiosks, and they can be made to be staffed or self-service.

Whichever form of EPOS you choose, you will find a number of benefits that will enable your business to grow and in this article we will explore the most important.

Stock Control

EPOS software allows data about stock to be stored and updated easily and as such, information can be retrieved on demand- saving businesses both time and money.

Such vital information can also allow a business to assess demand for stock, affording retailers greater flexibility to make decisions and freeing up staff to focus on other tasks without having to search through inventory.


EPOS can help to improve security in many different ways. Firstly, card payments and transactions can be made fully secure by using end to end encryption, preventing customer fraud and data theft. Secondly, EPOS systems track every transaction, giving venues, and staff a higher degree of accountability than in normal till systems.

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Customer Growth

Large companies in particular place a lot of emphasis on customer growth which is why EPOS systems are so appealing. Unlike stamped reward cards, EPOS systems require an e-mail in order for customers to sign up. This data capture can be used to segment your customer database and offer targeted messages and discounts, encouraging customer loyalty.


EPOS software systems have complete customisability, from branding through to layout. Each feature has the ability to have modified options, so for example in a coffee house, clicking on latte could take you through to various choices including size and extras.

Sales information

EPOS software will record of all your sales data, allowing you to see which products and services are the most profitable, or where areas may need pushing. This data is all recorded, and EPOS systems have the option of multiple backups meaning you won’t lose your records. Having these reports also makes business accounting much simpler and quicker than with traditional pen and paper versions.


Kiosks and till points that incorporate EPOS software have the capability to be self-service, reducing the demand for staff members and freeing up hours to use on service. These pay points are immune to human error and are often quicker than staffed tills so reduce queue times.


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