The benefits of Touchscreen kiosks for HR

Touchscreens currently dominate many facets of our modern-day lives and interactive solutions now form an integral part of the consumer landscape, driving innovation for many businesses from travel and banking to retail and hospitality.

It’s not only the consumer- facing sectors that kiosks and interactive solutions are inspiring too because now they have become extremely popular in corporate environments and can have untold benefits for HR.

Some businesses have been clinging to tired practises and methods for too long but touch screen kiosk solutions and new technologies are helping to breathe new life into the workplace by solving a number of common issues:

Employee Engagement

As we all become more accustomed to processing lots of real-time information, it is vital that businesses develop better ways to engage with employees. Touch screen information kiosks assist in bridging the digital divide for around a third of the UK workforce who do not have access to desktop computers, such as manufacturing workers. When located in high-traffic areas like communal rooms, touch screen kiosks allow HR departments to connect and engage with their entire work force, without needing be present.

Freeing up staff

Employees dislike completing menial tasks but touch screen kiosks can alleviate this burden and free up workers to focus more on the jobs that really matter. For example, instead of relying on managers to answer questions, employees can use a touch screen kiosk to access company FAQs or other relevant information such as company policies, benefits and holiday entitlements.

Touchscreens drive employee engagement

Eco-friendly alternative

With traditional printing costs on the rise, and following a shift in corporate attitudes towards more environmentally-friendly practises, many businesses are moving away from things like paper payslips in favour of digital information points.

Not only are touch screen kiosks far more efficient in the sense that you can centralise processes but they can also help to significantly reduce paper wastage.

The Environmental Protection Agency states that we get through millions of tonnes of copy paper each year which comes at a significant cost to both businesses and the environment so touch screen alternatives are now rightly being championed.

Cost Effective

Now that all the main benefits have been established we can draw the conclusion that interactive kiosks can be a highly cost- effective solution. Deploying units can save businesses significant amounts in overheads; from reducing HR staffing costs and training, to saving on printing and eliminating distribution costs. With kiosks also offering increased levels of help and support for staff, and enriching engagement, businesses can aim to reduce employee turnover in the long run.



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