Applications and benefits of Touchscreens for the Police


As we all know, touchscreens are fast becoming the only viable option for many businesses as they attempt to reach out to customers and refine their internal procedures. Touchscreens and kiosks offer ease of use on a level that can’t be match by more archaic technology and the population is now so familiar with touchscreens […]

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The Top Applications of Touchscreen Surveys


Touchscreen devices such as mobile phones, EPOS and self-checkouts in supermarkets are now the norm with the younger generation but all the evidence is suggesting that they are being adopted by older people too due to their simplicity of use. Traditionally, surveys were carried out using a mostly paper-based process with customers prompted to fill […]

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Choosing the Right Touch Screen Model for your business


  Unlike a television screen, touch screens don’t come in too many different types (LCD, Plasma etc). Instead, they are generally considered to be resistive or capacitive depending on how they react when pressure is applied to them – that’s basically the only difference that affects usability but there are a lot of considerations when […]

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How Kiosks can help Local Government Authorities Save Time and Money


  Despite the best efforts of the customer service industry to promote intimate, personal service; the government have introduced National Indicator 14 which stipulates a target for local councils to avoid encouraging their constituents to interact with their local authorities and community figures – doesn’t this sound negative? Well, actually, limiting interaction with local authorities […]

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E-Triage in the NHS


E-Triage is effectively a self- service check in system used by thousands of hotels and businesses around the world to save their staff from handling a task that a kiosk is perfectly capable of handling. Its widespread proliferation and usage has been so successful that it’s now been adopted by the NHS on a much […]

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Finding the Best Location for Digital Signage


Previously, signage referred to billboards and posters that were strategically placed to attract the most attention they could garner from the public and, while this remains a key avenue that some businesses like to exploit, digital signage is now being used in a very similar way but it can be tougher to know where to […]

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The Uses and Benefits of Touchscreens in Waiting Rooms


  Waiting rooms are probably the most appropriately named rooms we ever use as human beings. You enter the waiting room and then it begins – the endless, torturous… waiting. This isn’t artistic licence or anything else you may call it; sadly it is fact. Waiting rooms are very boring places. So how about improving […]

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Now is the Time to Scrap Leaflets in Favour of Interactive Kiosks


  This may seem like an obvious concept but there’s actually much more to it than ‘kiosks do more things’. Leaflets have been an integral part of marketing campaigns for years and it is only now that they are being phased out in favour of more modern alternatives. In this article, we investigate why it’s […]

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