Digital Signage for Public Transport is the way forward


Public transport has long provoked the ire of the British public thanks in part to a fairly inefficient system in most areas. Lots of customer bemoan the lack of information feeds as one of the biggest gripes because delays and disruption aren’t always communicated to the customers in a timely fashion – but can digital […]

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Industries that are utilizing kiosks


As the world steadily embraces the ‘Do It Yourself’, self- service approach that is prevalent in many facets of day to day life, progressively more and more businesses are introducing kiosks to their models. This global shift to self- service has changed so much it is difficult to keep up but here’s a few examples […]

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How to encourage customers to use self-service technology


When introducing self -service kiosks to your business you may have reservations over the likelihood of customers embracing the new technology. At first, new technology can be intimidating for some users but advice is available to help you implement self- service kiosks successfully: Attendants Having a human staff member in close proximity to the self- […]

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Should you add a keyboard to your kiosk?


The touchscreen revolution put an end to the days when keyboards reigned supreme but are there still viable reasons for considering a keyboard when you start your kiosk project? From hygiene and maintenance, to aesthetic considerations, we explore the pros and cons of adding keys to your kiosk: Benefits The Millennial generation aside; people are […]

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Outdoor Kiosk Purposes


From paying for parking tickets to finding directions, outdoor kiosks have grown to become part of everyday life in most major cities and towns. This self-service technology is everywhere we look and it isn’t going anywhere anytime soon.  By utilizing an outdoor kiosk your company can add value for your customers by expanding offerings, making customers feel independent, […]

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Dispelling the Myths about EMV


Across the globe, customers now use EMV (chip card technology) to pay for goods and services instead of relying on the familiar magnetic strip system we’ve become so accustomed to. In brief, EMV chips offer a secure system that connects the payment card at the point of sale using a unique security code for each […]

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Benefits and uses of kiosks in Sexual Health


Of all the medical complaints we suffer from; few are more embarrassing to discuss than sexual health issues. Whether its sexually transmitted infections or something even more sensitive, it’s not the kind of thing many want to discuss in public with a doctor’s receptionist – it’s an intensely private matter many local authorities and organisations […]

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How Kiosks can be transformed into a valuable lead-gen tool


For those who have ever worked in a sales environment; you will be all too aware that to incur the most sales you need the most leads. Leads are the first step towards courting a potential client and developing them into a customer – it’s that simple. Studies have shown that 65% of marketing and […]

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