Kiosks proven to enhance employee engagement

Interactive kiosks have been helping businesses reduce costs, streamline processes, and increase revenue for decades but now even more organisations are realising the value kiosks can have in enhancing employee engagement.

Big private and public sector organisations like the NHS are investing significantly in increasing customer service but they are also increasingly looking at their internal practices and exploring ways in which digital solutions can help.

But just how are businesses utilizing kiosks to increase employee engagement and satisfaction?

Job Applications

Many large companies now deploy interactive kiosks in their corporate environments, enabling prospective employees to complete job applications there and then. Companies can save money by removing old processes and the units also serve as a great branding/ marketing and communication platform. By digitally managing the job application process, HR departments can view and process applications easier as files can be stored in a central location, increasing the chances of managers hiring the right employees.

Employee Training

For successful applicants, the first few days of work can be frustrating. Learning about new procedures and protocols can take weeks but interactive kiosks can make life easier by delivering and managing training sessions for those who are new to the business. This process requires minimal supervision, reducing the demand on existing staff and meaning that vital resources can be allocated elsewhere.

Kiosks Aid the HR Department

Interactive Kiosks are regularly deployed to solve a multitude of HR- related issues. Touchscreen kiosk systems enable employees to manage various aspects of their payroll without the need to go and visit a manager or HR member. Furthermore, employees can also report benefits such as overtime via the kiosk and can access key information like holiday entitlement on demand.

Similarly, HR can use the kiosks to convey information to employees; whether it be rotas, surveys, suggestions or even motivational messages.

Smoother In-house Business Process

Streamlining processes and freeing up time means that businesses can run smoother. Employees, particularly those in large organisations, commonly report burnout and demotivation because of completing repetitive administrative tasks like faxing, printing, scanning, sending emails etc. Interactive kiosks offer an easier and quicker solution and software can be developed to create request forms from which tasks can be swiftly allocated.

Seamless Communication

Interactive kiosks can also make life easier for employees by empowering them with the means to look up information whilst on the job, rather than having to find someone to ask.

For example, touchscreen solutions can be deployed in retail environments to not only assist customers but to also help sales representatives inform customers of detailed product specifications.

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