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Finding Our Way With Kiosks


Evolution Way finding has developed from basic maps and signage used to direct large volumes of people in vast locations. These formats relies on visual indicators such as arrows, icons and symbols to communicate to users. Way finding has advanced to digital signage, which allows live data to be instantly updated, unlike a static map. […]

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Interactive Kiosks: Enhancing The Retail Sector


Since the emergence of retail kiosks in the 90’s, we have seen significant growth in kiosks used in a vast amount of retail environments. Consumers have become expectant of a positive multi-channel shopping experience, due to the abundance of self-service applications. Furthermore, retailers are seizing the opportunity to deploy in- store applications to maximise services, […]

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Cammax Acquires Protouch


Cammax Ltd has expanded its UK operation with the acquisition of Protouch Solutions. Both companies are established as UK leaders in the supply of touch screen kiosks, monitors and software solutions. With the merging of the two businesses, customers now have access to a much wider product range, plus the combined resources, knowledge and experience […]

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Securing Your Kiosk Network


Securing your kiosk is more than just the physical considerations, it also incorporates the software. Safeguarding your network before going live is vital. Applications that rely on web-based content in public locations are particularly vulnerable to becoming unsecure. Locking down the software will protect the user and their private information, which is being exposed in public places […]

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Top Tips For Successful Kiosk Deployment


Update: Please see our new Bite-sized Kiosk Guide. Using our extensive experience and expertise; here are the key factors that lead to successful kiosk deployment. Once you have mastered the basics, the rest should follow organically. The aim is to add value to customers and the business, by successfully automating the task at hand. 1. […]

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How Kiosks Are Revolutionising The Customer Experience


  We now live in a world saturated by self-service technology. There is an ever-increasing desire to see self-service kiosks in a variety of day-to-day locations. Kiosks have the ability to accelerate processes, which is crucial as customers are becoming less tolerant of big queues and waiting times. Retail The consumers are at the forefront […]

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Sexual Health Kiosk: The What, Why and Where


What is it? Medi+Vend allow registered users the opportunity to receive sexual health advice and also resources at the touch of a screen. The interactive kiosk is designed by clinicians to offer easy access to health care advice and provisions. The touch screen panel and vending machine is capable of dispensing all sorts of health […]

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Cammax Implement Fast Track Check In


Cammax have successfully implemented Fast Track Check In kiosks at one of UK’s busiest 24/7 distribution centres. Procter & Gamble required an up to date system that significantly improved the efficiency of its gatehouse operations. Cammax worked closely with P&G to develop a multi-lingual goods-in queue flow management system and put it in place within […]

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