The Growth Of Kiosks In The Hospitality Industry

The world of hospitality is one the the most exciting and lively industries, focusing on creating a strong relationship between business and customer. Hotels, restaurants, coffee shops, pubs and clubs have a duty to adapt to customers needs to keep satisfaction rates high. A growth of kiosks are starting to show throughout hospitality which includes latest software and features to give consumers the best possible service. The success of kiosks and customer satisfaction has rocketed throughout the transport sector and now hotel and restaurant businesses are keen to follow and improve their customer services.

Restaurants, coffee shops and fast food restaurants are taking the initiative to add a self serve kiosk option to a customer’s buying experience. Restaurants are now installing kiosks to offer a reservation option to reduce any disappointment of tables being fully booked. Similarly fast food restaurants and coffee shops are cutting down serving time by offering kiosks that have an order and pay feature giving customers the ability to look at the full menu and pay from the kiosk. For fast food restaurants and coffee shops cutting down on queuing time is vital especially at peak time with increased demand. In the hospitality industry it is important to look after a customer and gain their loyalty. Some kiosks even allow businesses to offer extra care for their customers by giving people a chance to check up on nutritional information and advice, benefiting not only people with allergies and intolerances but the health conscious too.


Even hotels are starting to adapt their businesses and install kiosks to help aid their customers and improve customer satisfaction rate. The most popular are the self check-in kiosks, allowing guests to check-in themselves meaning hotel staff can concentrate on making sure guests have a comfortable and enjoyable stay. Many of the self check-in kiosks offer a 24 hour service so no matter what time you are needing to check-in if a member of staff is not available then you are able to check in independently. Other features proving popular from kiosks are room reservations or an option for any walk-in guests to select their own rooms and check-in. With kiosks software always advancing, features such as room key dispensing, airline check-in and boarding pass printing are now available for customers to use.

Although these businesses are just a small section of the hospitality industry the success of the kiosks within restaurants, hotels, coffee shops, pubs and clubs could promote an even bigger expansion of businesses who use kiosks and even different ways as to how kiosks are used offering many different services to customers.

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