How multi-lingual kiosk solutions can help develop your business

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Businesses are under pressure more than ever to conform and adapt to the demand for diversity throughout society. The Multilingual and Translation kiosks offer 40+ languages meaning every customer will have equal opportunities and gain the same quality experience from a business. Having a Multilingual kiosk can hold many opportunities for a business, show customers an ability to adapt and increase customer satisfaction on a wider scale.

The most key aspect of a multilingual kiosk is the ability to communicate with anyone. Once you have this ability a number of beneficial factors follow:

Confidence and Trust

Self-serving kiosks have become a common feature in businesses. Whether it is Self Check in, Healthcare or Payment kiosks, there’s some information customers want to keep private and be able to input their details with the same confidentiality that an English speaking customer would. Clients such as the NHS and the Police have been able to give members of the public the confidentiality and security they need. Having a Multilingual kiosk in place will give members of the public trust in a company to be able to confidently share private information without another member of staff having to help or intervene.


Offering customers equality gives the client a reassurance that their needs and experience matters. Being able to offer a wide range of languages gives independence and will allow customers to efficiently use a kiosk without having to gain help. There is also the ability of staff to customer communication with the two-way translation engine installed into the multilingual kiosk. Members of staff can also benefit the independence of being able to communicate with international customers. In fast pace businesses this will be a key way to speed up the service process and minimise any frustration.

New Customers/Sales

With over 40 different languages the Multilingual kiosks are able to reach a wider target audience and invites international clients to shop and take advantage of services they may not have been able to before. Offering that quality of service gives a business the advantage to offer the quality of independence and confidentiality to both new and existing clients. Being able to show that a business is able to adapt to society and work on an international scale will attract clients globally.

All these aspects of the Multilingual and Translation kiosks give businesses the opportunity to show a care for customers and are willing to expand to meet everyone’s needs.

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