How ticketing kiosks can benefit your business

How many times do you think you use a ticketing kiosk in one day? More often than you think. When the first ticketing kiosk was installed at an airport in the 1970’s people instantly reacted to the ability of being able to self serve quickly and efficiently. Now fast forward 40 years, kiosks are now a part of everyday life whether it be pay and display machines in car parks, purchasing tickets for public transport or even snapping up a cinema ticket. Businesses are now seeing a huge benefit to installing ticketing kiosks, they are simple to use, improve customer satisfaction and offer a 24 hour service with no extra staff required.

Customer Satisfaction

Ticketing kiosks are now a big feature in public transport and affect people’s commutes every day. A ticketing kiosk is ideal for the quick transactions people are wanting to make, allowing any members of staff to deal with a more complicated request without a queue forming. Being able to create a faster turnaround of transactions, especially at peak time within interchanges or transport stations, will allow customers to get on their required bus or train with no delays and no stress.

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Additional Data

In some cases a ticketing kiosk can hold many more features than just serving tickets. Many kiosks offer customers a wide range of payment options whether it’s cash, card, contactless and even the ability to top up any SMART cards, a feature that means they no longer have to require staff assistance. Some kiosks even offer a multi-lingual option and even interactive maps for tourist areas. Having kiosks that hold a wide variety of options and features will not only reduce staff costs but will allow customers to gain 24 hour access to any tickets or services they need.

Reduce Staff Costs

Giving customers the ability to purchase their own tickets can allow a company to assign more important roles to their staff. If members of the public are unsure of how to use a specific feature on a kiosk a member of staff will then be available to help. Customers who are able to carry out their ticket transactions quickly and efficiently will continue using kiosks. Especially in the public transport sector, having staff able to help customers whether they are in need of navigation around a station or help with any further queries are all additional factors that lead back to increasing satisfaction of the most important person, the customer.


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