The Majority of Customers Now Want Self Service Solutions


Self service kiosks help customers process their demands, whether that’s making a purchase, finding directions, checking-in, or booking things. Businesses use them in order to lower operation costs and enhance productivity without having to hire more staff.

Since customers have been getting used to self service machines over the last few years in shops, train stations and shopping centres, they now expect self service kiosks to be available wherever they are.


Increased Demand for Self Service

A recent study by InReality shows that shoppers expect technologically- advanced tools like kiosk solutions, interactive displays and digital signage to give them a self-directed shopping experience. Customers are becoming increasingly self-dependent, and therefore expect businesses to meet their needs with machines like self service kiosks.

The study shows that 69 percent of customers would be more likely to make purchases in-store if they had access to kiosks or interactive displays. As well as this, 78 percent of customers would be more willing to go to a shop if they could use a self service machine to help them find a product or a brand, while 75 percent of customers would more than likely make a purchase if they had a kiosk solution to compare products or prices. These results show the necessity of kiosks and self service machines when dealing with customers.

Make Sure the Kiosks Work Perfectly

Even though the study shows figures which reflect positively on kiosks, in comparison, when customers have a negative experience with a shop or brand, usually they don’t give them a second chance.

Therefore it’s integral to ensure that the kiosks are always working perfectly so they do not put customers off using the kiosks, or even using the shop itself. That’s why it’s a good idea to always consider kiosk maintenance and kiosk management solutions.

Why are Self Service Kiosks so Popular?

Self service kiosks are in demand by customers for many reasons. One of the main reasons is the need for speed; modern day society is so fast-paced, and kiosks allow customers to quickly finish their transactions with little waiting time, which also leads to less queuing time for other customers.

Self service kiosks are also preferred by customers because of their availability. When used in places like train stations or hotels, they are available 24 hours a day. Unlike human employees, kiosks don’t need any sleep. This makes it much easier for people to get information, check- in or get tickets.

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