The Hillingdon Hospitals

Cammax have installed two Prescription payment kiosks in the Minor Injuries Unit (MIU) reception at Mount Vernon Hospital and A&E reception at Hillingdon Hospital to handle payments for prescriptions and deposits for hospital equipment. Five departments will use the Hillingdon kiosk; Chronic Pain, Physiotherapy, Maternity, A&E and Day Surgery, while MIU & Trinity Day Surgery will use the Mount Vernon kiosk.

The kiosks accept cash and most major credit/ debit cards and following payment will issue two receipts. One receipt is retained by the patient and the other is given to hospital staff to enable prescriptions to be dispensed or equipment to be provided. Patients who are exempt from paying prescription charges will not need to use the kiosks.

Melanie Warren, Project Manager at the Trust, has overseen the introduction of the kiosks she says: “We know from other hospitals that have introduced the kiosk system that they help to ensure that important equipment is returned after use. Patients will be asked to pay a £10 deposit for crutches and £30 deposit for a TENS machine. These deposits will be repaid when the equipment is returned to the hospital.”

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