Manchester Airport Group (MAG)

The Manchester Airport Group (MAG) Fast Track kiosk were installed at the end of 2014, to assist in giving passengers the option to utilize the fast lane through security.

The kiosks are card payment only so are easy to handle, using the touch screen Fast Track software that was specifically developed for this application. Tickets are dispensed at the kiosk with a unique barcode which can then presented at the security barriers allowing passengers swift access.

This project has been a real boost for both passengers and the airport. Passengers have been able to avoid long queues making the travelling experience more pleasurable and the airport has enjoyed increased revenues in providing this service to travelling passengers.

More recently Cammax have improved the Fast Track solution by adding a back end reporting tool which allows MAG to monitor the usage of the kiosks and feed this information directly into their existing business information system. The reporting also has a function which allows email alerts to be generated for any potential operational issues.

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