Kings College- Camberwell Sexual Health Centre

Kings College hospital came to Cammax with a software brief detailing their requirements for a clinic queuing system to help them reduce patient waiting times. As no such product was available at the time Cammax developed the bespoke application customised to the clinic’s requirements. This included developing a complex hierarchical structure which let patients self-triage and allocated them to the correct clinician. The interactive nature of the kiosks allowed the clinic to attract a wider audience and increased the overall attendance of males at the drop in clinic by 22%

The Equip Smart Q system Cammax installed into Kings College Hospital CASH clinic presently operates eleven Cammax self-triage kiosks which triages drop-ins into four queues. The Equip Smart Q is a live queue management system therefore all information displayed to staff and patients is viewed in real time. Information provided to staff will show number of patients in the queue, how long each patient has been waiting for and the outcome of their triage.

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