London Metropolitan Police

Working closely with the London Metropolitan Police Service, Cammax deployed a cutting edge multi-lingual kiosk system that would act as an initial contact solution for the police; in a bit to assist foreign language speakers.

Cammax developed a dual-screen system that uses 256-bit SSL encryption for the transmission of data. The first screen is normally manned by the police officer and the second is for the interviewee. In use, the police officer drives the conversation forward, using a system that is menu-based with a tree and branch format.

With over 300 languages spoken in London, Cammax’s kiosk system was designed to support the top 20 languages in detail (covering approximately 90% of language requirements), and 100 languages in total. All of the kiosks are also available in a spoken and word format, just in case the interviewee could not read. On top of this the multi-lingual kiosk system is also very useful in aiding the deaf and hard of hearing. Via a unique interface members of the Deaf Community are able to select their preferred method of communication; whether that’s lip reading, written notes, or an extensive set of Sign Language video questions and responses.

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