Our freestanding interactive kiosks can be tailored for a variety of applications, designed to meet the needs of your market. They can make a great visual impression on customers, with a robust construction built for heavy daily usage. We have a large range of DDA compliant kiosks for your business, which are easily accessible to all users.

  • The Blade Kiosk is ideal choice for any environment with full card payment and receipt printing functionality.
  • The ClearTouch is a striking Perspex kiosk, edge lit with LED’s. This kiosk provides an eye-catching focal point in any public facing location.
  • The ClearView 17” incorporates a robust panel PC which provides the kiosk with a smaller footprint for locations with limited space.
  • Expo Kiosk The Expo outdoor kiosk is built to withstand all weather conditions. With its 6mm toughened glass the Expo is suitable for unsupervised locations.
  • Fast Track Payment Kiosk provides a full payment solution, where both card and cash are an essential requirement.
  • The GP2 Kiosk offers a cost effective touch screen solution, ideally suited to any indoor location.
  • GP2K Kiosks are used for reporting back essential production line data.
  • The X6 Indoor ticketing kiosk is a stylish, freestanding ticketing kiosk which can be customised to provide a range of ticketing solutions.
  • Touch screen vending kiosk offers ability to vend a range of products to registered users. Available with a range of interactive health software.
  • Nereus Kiosk Dual screen with 6mm safety glass. Second screen gives ability to provide additional information without disrupting main touch screen application.
  • The Cammax Outdoor Smart Ticketing kiosk is a freestanding kiosk which can be customised to provide a range of ticketing solutions.
  • The Outdoor Totem kiosk is a freestanding kiosk which has been specially designed for use in unattended public locations.
  • The Cammax Pick-Up Post is a robust outdoor post with optional base which can be floor mounted or wall mounted in bus stops or other public locations.
  • Payment Prescription Kiosk at the NHS Full payment kiosk with ability to issue change and provide a receipt. Software available for NHS, Councils, Schools and many more.
  • High end durable kiosk with optional chrome poles. The Slimline kiosk offers a cost effective, stylish solution suitable for most kiosk projects.
  • Strata Kiosk The Strata Touch kiosk has been designed to create an impression. Suitable for high volume public locations where kiosks need to make an impact.
  • Duo Kiosk Offers the perfect combination of kiosk technology and digital signage. Customisable options include single and double screens in a range of sizes.


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