Indoor Smart Ticketing Kiosk

Dispense, load and top up smart cards

The Indoor Smart Ticketing kiosk is a stylish, freestanding ticketing kiosk which can be customised to provide a range of ticketing solutions. Features include options for ITSO/SMART card loading, product purchase and card vending. The kiosk can be configured to suit most requirements and can accommodate a range of peripherals. The kiosk is available in a range of options including a Wall Mounted option.

Features of the Cammax Smart Ticketing Application
• Completely configurable dynamic menu flow
• Restrict products offered on individual/groups of kiosks
• Restrict products offered based on media type
• Restrict products based on extensive complicated business rules and the products on a smartcard
• Dynamic configuration of look and ordering of the menu and product selection (colours of buttons/text/logos)
• Clear, easy and intuitive screens
• Ticket information automatically updated
• Application automatically updated as per a schedule ensuring consistency and removing the need for an engineer visit
• Extensive monitoring allowing local and remote viewing of real-time statuses and stock levels

Product - Indoor Smart Ticketing Kiosk

Key Features

  • Load and Top Up Smart Card
  • Dispense SMART Cards
  • Bespoke Smart Ticketing Application
  • Uses any Part 11 provider
  • Bespoke configuration
  • Integrates to third party systems
Kiosk Sleek robust steel epoxy coated with steel base,
Touch Screen 19” TFT SAW touchscreen
PC Fully Integrated industrial ultra-small factor PC
Dimensions 609w x 468d x 1525h
Peripherals Smart Card Reader, Payment Options, Smart Card Dispensing, Barcode Scanner, Printing
Branding Bespoke Customised Ticketing Interface, Vinyl Graphics
Application Suggestions Product Loading and Purchasing, Smart Card Post, Smart Ticket, Gift Card Issuing
Available Bespoke Software development, Site survey, Delivery, Commissioning, Installation, Remote monitoring, Onsite maintenance

Software Delivery

Here are some of the software packages that have been delivered with Indoor Smart Ticketing Kiosk:

Prescription Payment Kiosk

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Council Payment Kiosk

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Parking Payment Kiosk

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Fast Track Payment Kiosk

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