Cirrus Totem Kiosk

Outdoor coin and credit/debit card payment machine

Product - Cirrus Totem Kiosk

The Cirrus Totem is an exciting machine that combines the requirements of coin only cash payments and credit/debit card payments to offer a slim, robust payment machine, ideal for outdoor deployments.  This unit is the perfect halfway house for organisations who are looking to process both card and cash payments, but whose transaction values do not warrant the offering of a note acceptance facility.

The machine is comprised of two core sections, with the top section housing all of the interactive components and the base section providing the vault for secure coin storage. These two sections are accessed from separate doors and one cannot be accessed from the other.  This allows admin staff to carry out tasks such as receipt/ ticket stock changes without accessing cash storage areas.

The machine is fitted with PCI compliant card payment devices such as PIN pads, card readers and contactless card readers, allowing card payments to be processed for a variety of products and services, whilst the thermal receipt printer provides customers with their proof of purchase, or tickets where required.

Primarily used in parking payment systems, this machine provides customers with a large touch screen experience, with easy to use, intuitive interfaces that guide the user through all stages of the journey.  The Cirrus Totem can also accommodate voucher and loyalty redemption devices such as barcode readers, magnetic stripe card readers as well as RFID and Smart Card readers.

The unit can be finished in your preferred colour and branded with vinyl laminates, so that machines can be tailored to meet exact design requirements in order to blend in with, or stand out from the deployment environment as required.

Multiple connectivity options of hard wired, Wi-Fi or 4G mean the unit can be deployed in almost any environment.


Product - Cirrus Totem Kiosk

Key Features

  • Credit/Debit Card & Contactless Payments
  • Coin acceptance only
  • Weather Proof
  • 4G Connectivity
  • ApplePay/AndroidPay
  • PCI Compliant
  • Custom Branded
Kiosk Ideal to operate in the harshest outdoor environments , ideal for a wide range of payment and ticket applications
Touchscreen 19" PCAP Touchscreen
PC Industrial Small Form PC
Dimensions Width: 580mm, Depth: 250mm, Height: 1540mm, Weight: (60kg approx.)
Colour Options available on request
Peripherals SMART Card Reader, Coin Payment, Barcode/ QR Reader, 3G/4G Modem, Magnetic Stripe Card Reader
Branding Vinyl Graphics, Paint Finish
Mounting Floor Mounted
Including System Architecture, Software development, Commissioning
Delivery & Instillation, Site survey

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