Cammax Smart Kiosks Installed Across Yorkshire

Here at Cammax, we are passionate about what we do. Touchscreen kiosks may not seem exciting to some but we know that they help to smooth out transactions in industries all across the UK, from retail to healthcare. They help to reduce queues, free up staff and reduce human error in transactions. That’s why we’re so excited to share with you the news of how our new kiosks, the Cammax ITSO Smart top-up card kiosks, are faring up in the public transport industry.

Initially 17 of these new kiosks were installed throughout South Yorkshire; all have been successfully deployed and commissioned and are in full use by the public. The kiosks have been installed in key locations, such as Meadowhall and Doncaster Interchange, and have had over 20,000 transactions completed in the first few months of being settled; this amounts to over £850,000 in public transport fares. We are expecting these figures to rise as more kiosks are implemented, meaning greater accessibility and awareness. Ticket sales increased this month with the installation of five new cash kiosks in Sheffield

South Yorkshire Passenger Transport Executive (SYPTE) Interim Director General, David Young, said: “Together with local public transport companies, we are working to widen the range of public transport tickets available and to expand the number of places where people can buy them from.”


The South Yorkshire SMART card project is delivered by South Yorkshire Passenger Transport Executive (SYPTE), TravelMaster, YorCard, and bus and tram operators. It is part funded by a £1.34m Better Bus Area Fund grant from the Department for Transport.

These new kiosks allow users to top up SMART cards, from several locations and at any point during the day or night. SMART cards hold the same information as paper tickets, including season passes; they allow users to touch in and touch out at gates are much more durable than paper tickets. These SMART cards can be used on both the bus and the train; being used on bus services allows bus schedules to run more efficiently as users no longer need to queue for tickets once on the bus.

With the success of these new kiosks installed in South Yorkshire, we are now working with Nottingham City Council to install over 100 SMART kiosks throughout 2015. There are also plans for additional kiosks within the Yorkshire region continuing throughout the year in conjunction with West Yorkshire Combined Authority and York City Council.

We are extremely happy with how our new kiosks have been received; it is a testament to the hard work that goes into designing and manufacturing our wide range of interactive touchscreen solutions. We are positive that, following the success of Cammax ITSO Smart Kiosks  across Yorkshire and throughout Nottingham they will soon be nationwide, enabling a smoother transport journey for all UK residents.

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