ScotRail Trials Cammax Smart Rail Ticket Vending Machine at Glasgow Central Station

In a promising step towards a more convenient, accessible, and customer-centric future for rail ticketing in Scotland, Cammax is delighted to reveal that our state-of-the-art Smart Rail Ticket Vending Machine (TVM) is currently being trialled by ScotRail: one of the UK’s leading Train Operating Companies (TOCs).

Earlier this month our Smart Rail TVM, also known as a Smart Kiosk, was installed at Glasgow Central Train Station as part of a test initiative that aims to revolutionise the ticketing experience for passengers, providing advanced ticketing options and clearer information to enhance their overall journey.

Smart Rail TVM: An Intelligent Ticketing System

The Smart Rail TVM, developed in partnership with SilverRail, is an intelligent ticketing system that surpasses the capabilities of regular ticket machines, offering passengers a host of additional features to streamline their travel experience.

Fitted with SilverRail’s advanced Ticket Issuing System (TIS) ‘SilverCore’ and their intelligent UK Journey planner (IPTIS), the Smart Kiosk enables customers to plan their journey comprehensively, including selecting seat preferences and purchasing tickets for the day of travel.

In addition to immediate travel needs, the Smart Kiosk enables customers to plan for future journeys, allowing them to purchase tickets up to 90 days in advance. This empowers passengers with greater control and flexibility over their travel arrangements.

In an effort to bring rail ticketing machines more in line with what customers expect from dedicated ticketing websites and apps, the Smart Rail TVM is also designed to ensure that passengers always have access to the most cost-effective fare options. Utilising SilverRail’s sophisticated software, the machine consistently displays the cheapest fares available, whilst ‘National Rail Card’ and other local promotions are offered.

Dual Ticketing Functionality & Customer Information Screens

To further streamline the ticket purchasing experience and help reduce queues, the Smart Kiosk has the ability to accommodate two customers simultaneously. While the main screen facilitates ticket vending and provides essential information, a companion screen on the side of the unit enables the loading of tickets onto Smartcards. This dual functionality enhances the overall efficiency of the ticketing process and caters to the diverse needs of passengers.

In another clear departure from older ticket machines, the Smart Rail TVM  has better connectivity and is fitted with a helpful Customer Information Screen (CIS) that provides live travel information, including up-to-date train times and platform numbers. This real-time data ensures that rail users have the latest information at their fingertips, contributing to a smoother and more informed travel experience.

Moreover, the Smart Kiosk embraces the industry shift towards digital ticketing standards. It can distribute new paper tickets featuring QR barcodes, aligning seamlessly with the evolving standards adopted by most TOCs.

Finally, the Smart Rail TVM aligns with ScotRail’s commitment to making rail travel inclusive for everyone. Passengers can easily modify the user interface at the touch of a button, ensuring the navigation screen is adaptable and accessible for users of all abilities.

Commenting on the trial Claire Dickie, ScotRail’s commercial director, expressed enthusiasm about the initiative, stating, “ScotRail is pleased to be able to trial the new Smart Kiosk, offering more advanced ticket options and information for our customers.”

Passengers are being encouraged to try the Smart Kiosk and provide feedback, which could help improve the future of ticket retailing.

“Any feedback received can help ScotRail develop an even better journey experience across the network.” She added.

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