The Metropolitan Police Prepare For The Olympics

Cammax have sucessfully completed the first phase of the Language Translation Kiosk rollout for the Met Police. The contract was awarded to Cammax to provide a hardware and software solution for use throughout the Met Police during the Olympics as away of communicating with non English speaking tourists. The kiosk which will be initially used for the Olympics, will then be used throughout the 32 boroughs to facilitate communication between police and deaf / non-English speakers.

Metropolitan Police Initial Contact Language Kiosk Project

Currently 84 language kiosks currently available at 49 stations, covering the top 20 MPS-requested languages covering every borough’s top 10. The roll-out will extend to all 32 boroughs, plus Heathrow.

Forming part of the MPS Language Programme, which has introduced a series of improvements to the way linguistic and cultural services are provided to the MPS, the language kiosks:

  • Facilitate communication between police and deaf / non-English speakers, supporting both front-counter and custody staff in identifying specific issues quickly
  • Provide faster access to police services, improving victim care and the front-counter experience
  • Provide quicker access to the criminal justice system
  • Achieve compliance with PACE and Human Rights legislation to ensure that prisoners have access to their rights and entitlements
  • Assist the MPS as a whole in reducing officers/staff time in dealing with deaf and non English speakers
  • Provided additional assistance during the Olympic and Paralympic Games, where record numbers of non-English speakers visited the capital


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