Cammax Kiosks go Stateside

Cammax RFID kiosks installed at Atlanta Waterpark

Cammax worked alongside a US based company specialising in fast tracking theme park solutions to develop the world’s first RFID Fast Track kiosks for Six Flags Waterpark in Atlanta, Georgia. The 12 outdoor kiosks were installed in the US waterpark in May and have been a huge success with visitors to the park.

The kiosks incorporate RFID technology which allows park visitors to get in a virtual line for the attraction chosen once they have to purchased a Flash Pass wrist band for $15

The Six Flags virtual ride reservation system holds the customer’s place in line electronically, so visitors can spend more time in the park riding popular attractions and spending money and less time stood waiting in queues. When it is almost time for a park tourist’s turn on the ride, an alert is sent to the waterproof Flash Pass device on their wrist.

The Cammax fast track kiosks are helping to reduce queues and improve the overall visitor experience at the park.

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