The Rise of Hotel Check-In Kiosks

Checking in to your hotel via kiosk is an easy and stress-free way to start your holiday, they’re increasingly being used as the chosen method of check-in at many hotels. A self check-in kiosk is a quicker alternative than normal check-in due to the lack of queuing; allowing staff to prioritise other important tasks.

In modern society, self-checkouts and self-service machines are often the preferred option for carrying out transactions, so it’s no surprise that this technologically advanced system has advanced into the hotel and hospitality sector.

Delivering Excellent Customer Service

As staff are not needed for the long process of face-to-face check in, they can instead focus on enhancing the level of customer service by going above and beyond for their guests’ personal wants and needs.

Using a kiosk also means that late or early check-ins are easily feasible, as the technology runs 24 hours a day, making it more convenient for the customer. Kiosks can be customised to translate into several different languages, making it accessible to multiple nationalities and therefore minimises the need for multilingual check-in staff.

Increased Customer Satisfaction

By including the option to select multiple languages, this encourages guests from all over the world to use the hotel. International guests can benefit from the technology without any language barriers, providing a more accessible and flexible service. Keeping the customers happy can benefit hotels by creating memorable and happy experiences, leading to the opportunity to gain customer loyalty and encourage repeat purchases.

How it Works

There are multiple different types of check-in kiosks, ranging from wall-mounted to barcode scanning. Touch screen options allow customers to check in themselves through entering their details, and barcode scanning creates a substantially quicker process as long as they have a print out of the necessary information and barcode.

Other Functions for Check-In Kiosks

The kiosks have other convenient and time-saving methods as well as hotel check-ins, such as promoting local attractions, selling coupons and room upgrades, making dinner reservations, printing boarding passes and getting directions to nearby places.

Other Benefits

  • It is a cost-saving technique
  • It allows a quick way to report feedback
  • It can help improve security

Successful Examples

As the UK’s top-rated hotel chain, Premier Inn is well known for customer satisfaction. With a speedy check-in kiosk installed at some of their larger hotels, customer experience is improved due to the reduced queueing time. Premier Inn have taken the use of kiosks and self-service machines to the next level in their ‘hub’ urban hotels. These chic hotels are primarily powered by technology, providing a phone app that controls fan speed, lighting, temperature and the TV all at your fingertips. There’s also a 40’’ Smart TV and a Hypnos bed.

CitizenM, a trendy dutch hotel chain, uses self-service kiosks as the only method of checking in, with no front check-in desk. The guests truly enjoy using the self-service experience, and some purposefully chose citizenM primarily for the ease of self-service check-in.
Using check-in kiosks for hotels is an increasingly popular option for customers, if you think a check-in kiosk might be ideal for your business, take a look at our range of self checkin kiosks.

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