Targeting Tourists With Public Kiosks

Kiosks and multichannel solutions deliver information to citizens and tourists in a wide variety of public locations. Nowadays, interactive kiosks are being positioned proudly in entrances of shopping centres, cinemas, hotels and other public thoroughfares. With over 30 million tourists visiting each year, the UK’s tourism industry can hugely capitalise on touch screen kiosks.


Accessing readily available information from kiosks around the clock is a real novelty for tourists. These applications particularly flourish during a big event such as the London Olympics, which attracted millions of visitors from around the world. Public Internet kiosks are being seen more and more in outdoor locations. Giving tourists Internet access points means they have freedom to browse local attractions and sites. In addition, outdoor kiosks in popular areas open up marketing opportunities for local businesses to promote offers, events and live updates on points of interest.

Way Finder

International visitors are able to access maps and directions from public touch screen applications, often available in multiple languages. Digital maps make sightseeing a more enjoyable and stress free experience, however, maps can also be printed directly from the kiosk for portability. Hotels, restaurants, shops, museums and attractions can also benefit from way finding kiosks pointing tourists in the right direction.


Deployed in city hot spots, ticketing kiosks allow holidaymakers to purchase tickets for attractions, events and transport with ease. Most ticketing kiosks support multiple transactions. They streamline the cash and card payment process, which dramatically reduces queuing times during high season.

Key benefits of tourist information kiosks:

  • Allows for multi lingual options

  • Saves on employing staff to man a desk

  • Enhances tourist experience

  • Increases revenue for tourist attractions

  • Boosts economy for the area

  • Encourages tourists to revisit and recommend to others

Public kiosks target tourists by offering multiple services with an enhanced visiting experience. From navigating visitors to informing them on local attractions, tourist-facing kiosks offer significant benefits for the user, nearby businesses and the area.

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